SNL Star Chris Redd's Alleged Attack Might Have Been Even Worse Than We Thought

In a shocking, unprovoked attack, "Saturday Night Live" alum Chris Redd was physically assaulted and injured right before his October 26 stand-up comedy gig at New York's Comedy Cellar. Law enforcement officers told TMZ that a man in a security guard uniform struck the comedian as he exited his vehicle after Redd arrived at the iconic laugh shack at around 9:40 p.m.

The assailant hit Redd on his head and bloodied his nose, TMZ reported. Witnesses also reported the unidentified man also Redd's Greg Yuna chain off in an apparent attempt to steal it before running off. However, the links of the pricey necklace came apart in the process. (Luckily, the chain can reportedly be repaired.) What's even more disturbing is that several onlookers reported drops of Redd's blood painted all over the stairs leading down into the underground club. As Page Six reported at the time, multiple sources noticed two men, including the assailant, standing outside the club for an hour before Redd arrived. Although patrol cops were nearby and responded quickly to the crime scene, both men had already fled. 

As the story develops, more disturbing details emerge about Redd's assault and its aftermath. 

Chris Redd was attacked with brass knuckles

Chris Redd landed in the hospital after being decked in the face outside New York City's Comedy Cellar on October 26, 2022. After an assailant sucker-punched him, Redd was admitted to Manhattan's Bellevue Hospital for urgent care, per The New York Post. He was released shortly after medical treatment — and TMZ reported on October 28 that the weapon used on Redd was a set of brass knuckles. An accomplice seemingly stood guard and cased the situation.

Sources also told TMZ that the brutal assault resulted in Redd having two black eyes and a gash across his nose, with the latter injury requiring a series of stitches. The outlet noted that the "Saturday Night Live" star couldn't identify either of the men, but he will cooperate with police as they comb through surveillance footage. 

The motivation behind the attack is as unclear as the suspects' identities. Redd was last featured in national headlines for dating fellow "SNL" alum Kenan Thompson's ex-wife, Christina Evangeline, per Us Weekly. That, however, seems highly unlikely to be connected to this case.