The View Co-Hosts' Halloween Transformations Have Twitter Divided

It's time for our favorite part of every Halloween season. That's right — judging the interesting array of costumes worn by the co-hosts of "The View." The Halloween transformations included Alyssa Farah Griffin's turn as Carrie from "Sex and the City," Whoopi Goldberg as a Handmaid from "The Handmaid's Tale," and Sara Haines as Moira Rose from "Schitt's Creek." Rounding out the group was Joy Behar as Peggy Bundy from "Married With Children," Ana Navarro as Charo Cuchi Cuchi, and Sunny Hostin as Queen Charlotte from "Bridgerton." Naturally, each of the women also supplemented their costumes with a short clip of themselves — in character — which all aired on the show. 

While some of the outfits were more timely than others (cough, cough, we're looking at you, Whoopi), none escaped the ruthless judgment of the internet. Certain corners of Twitter thought the hosts' costumes and accompanying skits were adorable. Others took to the platform to let everyone know that this is the corniest thing that's ever aired on television. 

Fans loved Whoopi's message and Charo's surprise appearance

In the positives column, lots of folks on Twitter were all about Whoopi Goldberg's "The Handmaid's Tale" costume — especially the pro-choice message written on the back of her red cloak reading, "My body, my morals, my life, my choice, not yours." One person tweeted, "Whoopi Goldberg win Halloween with this." A different Twitter user agreed, writing, "Loved Whoopi's costume on the View today. It was perfect!" Another fan favorite on Twitter was Ana Navarro's Charo costume. Well, more specifically, it was the fact that the real Charo visited the set as a surprise. "Charo surprising Ana Navarro dressed as Charo is too cute," one person tweeted. Many on Twitter also agreed that Joy Behar nailed it as Peggy Bundy, while others were simply thrilled with the show as a whole. "[The View] always delivers on Halloween. This is all I need today," tweeted one fan.

With that being said, not everyone was as impressed by the Halloween transformations. "Okay this couldn't get more dumb. Whoopie [sic] you are in the Twilight zone for sure. Would have been nice if I could have got at least a giggle out of it," commented one underwhelmed viewer.  "Crowd opinion about Sonny [sic]," another person tweeted over a GIF reading, "It's painful to look at."

Unfortunately, there will always be a hater or two in the comments. For most viewers, though, this year's Halloween spectacular on "The View" was a spectacular success.