What All Of Nick Cannon's Exes Have Said About Him

Nick Cannon has been working in the entertainment industry since he was a teen. In 1998, the San Diego native booked his first leading role In Nickelodeon's "All That," per Men's Health. Since then, he starred in the 2002 film "Drumline," and appeared in "Men in Black II." The former host of "America's Got Talent" also hosts "The Masked Singer," and "Wild 'N Out," a sketch comedy show on VH1 that he created. But the media mogul is making headlines these days for his ever-growing brood, and all the women in his life.

As of this writing, Cannon has fathered ten children with six women, per Today, and he makes no apologies about his non-traditional approach to family. "I'm having these kids on purpose," he explained on Power 106's "The Breakfast Club, per CTV. "I don't have no accident. [There were] a lot of people that I could've gotten pregnant that I didn't," he added. Cannon has only been married once, to pop superstar Mariah Carey.

As for all his ex-girlfriends and baby mamas, you will definitely need a scorecard to keep track, because they often overlap, and not always amicably. Kim Kardashian apparently broke the rapper's heart, but the SKIMS founder isn't spilling the tea about what really happened, per Daily Mail. That said, a host of other beautiful women have plenty to say about the talented star. You don't want to miss this.

Meagan Good and Nick Cannon dated as teens

According to a 2016 article in The New York Post, "Harlem" star Meagan Good had a sexual relationship with Nick Cannon, as well as Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne, when she was younger. Speaking on "The Breakfast Club" about the report, she denied all of it, per The Grio. "Why would someone print something in a story that I never said and are not true and state it like it's a fact?" Good admitted she did have one date with "The Masked Singer" host — one they will never forget.

When she appeared on his "Nick Cannon" show in 2021, per Yahoo, Cannon confirmed his "first real date ever," calling it a fantastic evening, but it got off to a really rocky start. Good was a nominee for an NAACP Award for the 1997 film "Eve's Bayou," and she invited Cannon as her date. Dressed in a tux, he set out to pick her up in his mom's old jalopy. On the way, he had a flat tire in the rain, and he ended up needing a tow truck to get there.

After the awards ceremony, the "Deception" star never invited Cannon on any more dates. "Meagan was the first person to ever friend-zone me," the "If I was Your Man" rapper said. "But it was so dope though, because we actually became best friends." They did end up working together, however, co-starring alongside hip hop artist Shad Moss, a.k.a. Bow Wow, in the 2005 film "Roll Bounce."

Christina Milian accused Nick Cannon of cheating

Nick Cannon met Christina Milian on the set of the 2003 teen rom-com "Love Don't Cost a Thing." "Couldn't have asked for a cooler time," the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor told International Business Times in 2018. "Like, it was like my college years. It was kind of cool." But after dating for a few years, Milian wasn't cool when she discovered Cannon was fooling around with other women. She found out by scrolling through his text messages, she explained to E! News.

"It was unreal that it was happening. He was living at my house. Wait, under my roof, this is happening? It just kind of blew me away," the "When You Look At Me" hitmaker shared. Cannon, on the other hand, didn't understand what all the fuss was about. "I don't think I did anything wrong," he said on "Power 106." "I wasn't cheating ... you got to be in a relationship to cheat." The former "America's Got Talent" host added that if you go looking for something, chances are you're going to find it."

Cannon has since apologized to the "Dip It Low" singer, per The Christian Post. In 2012, Milian called in to his radio show, and the past seemed to be forgiven. "I've been waiting to bump into you," the pop star told him, as she offered kudos on his career moves and his beautiful family. "Regardless of my big mouth back in the day, honestly, I've got all great things to say about Nick."

Selita Ebanks said he fell short of her expectations

In 2007, Nick Cannon proposed to supermodel Selita Ebanks on the Jumbotron in Times Square, popping the question with a 15-carat diamond ring, according to Cleveland 19. The "Drumline" actor, who described his fiancée as "amazing," told People, "She changed me – I'm no longer a player. She changed everything." Apparently, she didn't change everything for long. Five months later, she called the engagement off, per Cosmopolitan.

On "The Breakfast Club," (via Bossip) in 2013, the Victoria's Secret model opened up about dating Cannon. "It taught me a lot, especially with [the] media because ... you know, y'all was brutal. I mean I was called everything under the sun just for getting engaged," Ebanks said. "But I was very young and it was a lesson that I needed to help me develop very thick skin." In a 2011 interview with HDNet's "Naughty But Nice Rob," (via HuffPost), she suggested her engagement to Cannon was a sham.

"I mean I technically wore a ring but I don't think I was really engaged," Ebanks said. The Caymanian model and actor noted that she was shooting significantly higher for a potential husband. "I want a Prince. I want Prince Harry. Do you think the Queen would accept me?" she continued. Ebanks also revealed that her former fiancé's "equipment" didn't quite measure up to her standards, rating his private parts as an underwhelming "meh."

Mariah Carey says Nick Cannon's 'a good guy'

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey married in 2008, and they share twins, Moroccan and Monroe, per Cosmopolitan. In 2014, the couple split, and they finalized their divorce in 2016. They continue to amicably co-parent their two children. In her 2020 memoir, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," the pop superstar explained that the pressures of work and raising a family led to the end of their marriage.

"Honestly, I think Nick and I could have worked it out between the two of us, but egos and emotions got inflamed (which can translate into many billable lawyer hours, and ultimately it did)," she wrote, via Yahoo. "We will always be family, and we make it work," she added. In 2016, the "We Belong Together" singer joked with her ex-husband about his growing family before the birth of Golden, his first child with Brittany Bell. Cannon told "Power 106," per Newsweek, "She was like, 'Mmmhmm, I heard about you out here in these streets.'"

Just before Father's Day the following year, the "Emotions" singer spoke to Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frasier about their family traditions, noting that she and the kids plan surprises for him on Father's Day, and the "Men in Black II" actor always makes her feel special on Mother's Day. "He's a good guy. It's not that hard to make it work. Now we can laugh, and joke, and do the good parts of when we had a relationship," she said.

Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott suffered a tragic loss

In June 2021, Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott welcomed Zen, his seventh child, into the world, per Cosmopolitan, but their dating history is unclear. Sadly, Zen died from a brain tumor when he was five months old, according to The U.S. Sun. Cannon shared his treasured last moments with his son on the December 7 episode of "The Nick Cannon Show." "Not only did we get to see the sunrise, but we got to see the sunset too," he said.

After photos of Cannon and Bre Tiesi at her baby shower surfaced, he made it official they were expecting a child on an episode of his show on January 31, 2022. At the time, he noted he didn't mention it sooner to "respect the grieving process with Alyssa" (via E! News). Once Cannon's news broke, Scott took to Instagram, (in a since-deleted post) to thank the many people who reached out to her after her son's tragic death. "I always say Zen expanded my heart in ways I never thought possible," she wrote in part.

The model and social media influencer continued, "It is painful having my son be a part of conversations that aren't in alignment with his light and legacy." On her Instagram Stories, Scott revealed that she and Cannon "knew since August that Zen's time on this earth would be limited." Next to a photo of her son, she wrote, "I am eternally grateful he was in the arms of the people who loved him most."

Jessica White said Nick Cannon hid a big secret

Nick Cannon and Jessica White dated on and off from 2015 to 2020, per Cosmopolitan. In a 2021 interview with "Hollywood Unlocked," White revealed she had been carrying Cannon's child, but she had a miscarriage. Brittany Bell was also expecting a baby with the famed baby daddy, and White says Cannon kept the news from her. "I found out on Instagram, along with the rest of the world," the Sports Illustrated model said.

The "Big Momma's House 2" actor explained that Cannon tried to make things right, but the last straw was when the "Roll Bounce" star didn't stand by her as she faced public criticism. The duo parted amicably, as she noted, "We were actually in a really good space before it ended." In a since-deleted Instagram post, White wrote she was "ready to embrace a single life free from all baggage," per The U.S. Sun.

In a 2022 "Hollywood Unlocked" poll, (via Yahoo), White defended herself in the wake of negative comments about her and Cannon. "I understand we live in a world where it's popular to hate your 'ex' but I'm not nor will I ever be that girl," she wrote. A few months later, Page Six reported that the former partners could be on again. The couple, who also appears on the cover of his mixtape "Raw&B," were spotted at an Upper East Side strip club. According to sources, she told guys at the club, "I'm with Nick."

LaNisha Cole just wants 'peace'

Nick Cannon and LaNisha Cole dated in 2017, and they got back together in 2020, per Cosmopolitan. They seemingly called it quits in 2021, according to Bossip. In a cryptic since-deleted Instagram post, the former model on "The Price Is Right" suggested she was done being one of Cannon's many loves. "No person or situation is worth compromising my peace over," she wrote. On Valentine's Day, social media trolls lit up when they discovered Cole's "King Cannon" was sending gifts to two other women.

In another since-deleted post, Cole wrote, "What's funny is how the people who comment on my relationship are the ones actually getting cheated on as I type this." In September 2022, Cole and Cannon welcomed their first child together, Onyx Ice Cole, per Us Weekly. "The joy that I feel as a mother is something that has forever opened up my heart in a huge new way. I'm already obsessed with her!" the "Soul Plane" actor wrote on her Instagram Stories at the time.

Onyx's birth announcement came a few months after Abby De La Rosa came under fire for her relationship with Cannon. As Cannon celebrated the joy of his baby girl, he also tried to protect Cole from the online vitriol. "@MissLanishaCole is one of the most guileless, peaceful and nonconfrontational kind souls I've ever witnessed, and only deserves to revel in this moment of blissful joy of motherhood. Please give her that," the "Wild 'N Out" host wrote on Instagram, per Newsweek.

Abby De La Rosa calls Nick Cannon her 'dearest friend'

Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa started seeing each other in 2020, per Cosmopolitan. In 2021, the former couple welcomed twins Zion and Zillion. Their son Rise arrived in 2022, per Fox News. In a since-deleted Instagram post, the DJ explained what happened when the pair linked up. "This isn't a BS 'love' story, it's a REAL story. His openness and honesty won my heart but above anything, he is my dearest friend and my partner [in] this world of mine," she wrote.

In 2022, De La Rosa opened up about her relationship with the former Nickelodeon star on the "Lovers and Friends" podcast. "[Being in] a polyamorous relationship doesn't mean you have low self-esteem or low self-worth," she explained. "I become hypersensitive when people attack me and my motherhood." As for monogamy, the former radio personality said she would consider it in the future, but "I love where I'm at, at this very moment, but it's just not my forever."

De La Rosa, who referred to Cannon as her "primary partner," said she loves being a part of the producer's growing brood. "I grew up with such a strong sense of family! I have 14 uncles and aunts and hella cousins," she told her followers during an Instagram Live chat, noting that she wasn't trying to convince people her way was the right way (via Page Six). It's just the way she feels. "For me, my children having so many siblings is cool to me," she said.

Bre Tiesi has 'respect and love' for Nick Cannon

In March 2022, Bre Tiesi, the mother of Cannon's eighth child, opened up about her relationship with her son's father, explaining to Daily Pop the two longtime friends dated on and off for years. "I just respect and love who he is so much as a person, that when I thought about, 'Do I want my son to be this person?" the "Selling Sunset" cast member said. "Look at your characteristics, look at your personality, look at how you treat people.'"

In September, Tiesi shared some of her struggles as a new mother on Instagram, per E! News. After posting that her bundle of joy was "screaming his little head off" and that she hadn't slept for days, a commenter suggested Cannon should pay for a night nurse. The model fired back in a since-deleted comment, "Nick is NOT my sugar daddy. Nick is MY F***IN CHILD'S FATHER THAT IS ALL," she wrote.

On an episode of the "Know For Sure" podcast, Tiesi, who was previously married to NFL star Johnny Manziel, chose not to put a label on her bond with Cannon. "It's not necessarily anything," she said, confirming they are not monogamous. "This is just us, this is our relationship and what you do outside of that is what you do outside of that ... Everything is respectful, everything is honest," the former "Wild 'N Out" contestant added. "We don't really define it."

Will Hollywood's busiest baby daddy ever settle down?

Nick Cannon has hooked up with a lot of famous women. In 2017, Power 106's Big Boy asked him just how many. "That's a lot!" the "Gigolo" rapper admitted. "It's L.A. That's the whole purpose. You have sex with actresses, singers, models." Now, two big questions remain. Are more kids on the way? And will Nick Cannon ever be a one-woman man again?

In a 2022 Interview with E! News' Daily Pop, Cannon revealed that he felt guilty about not spending enough time with all of his children, and that he's considering the snip. "I already went and got my vasectomy consultation," he said. "I ain't looking to populate the Earth completely, but I'm definitely looking forward to taking care and loving all the children that I currently have." As for ever tying the knot again, Cannon said he's just not the marrying kind.

"That construct is not designed for me. I gave it my all because, even before that, I didn't believe in marriage, but s***t, it was Mariah Carey," he told T.I. on his podcast "expediTIously." After the divorce, Cannon explained, "I [knew] I would never get married again once I stepped away from that." On the "Hot Tee" podcast in 2022, the self-described "true romantic” recalled his fairytale romance with Carey. "I will never have a love like I had with Mariah," he said.