The Untold Truth Of Bre Tiesi

In early 2022, Bre Tiesi's name hit headlines in a big way when word got out that she was pregnant with Nick Cannon's eighth child. That being said, this is not even close to the first time she has ended up in the public eye. In addition to working as a model who has landed in high-profile publications like Maxim and hustling as a social media influencer (at the time of writing, she has over 500,000 followers on Instagram), you may best recognize her from Cannon's long-running game show "Wild 'N Out" as one of the "Wild 'N Out" girls. Oh, and there is a chance you've happened upon stories about her personal life.

As the Calabasas-born media personality continues to move on up in various industries, her life continues to rack up a lot of attention. From her past marriage to an NFL star to her unfortunate link to a fraud scheme, here is what you need to know about Bre Tiesi. 

Bre Tiesi has some famous exes

Though it was arguably Bre Tiesi's dalliance with Nick Cannon that really threw her name into the spotlight, he wasn't her first high-profile relationship. Tiesi was actually married to NFL player Johnny Manziel, formerly of the Cleveland Browns, after the two wed in a secret ceremony in 2018. But this one wasn't meant to be: By December 2019, the two had decided to go their separate ways, with the athlete describing the split as being "very, very personal and very sad" to TMZ Sports

As for what Tiesi made of it all? She reacted by getting a tattoo of his initials removed from her body, according to TMZ Sports, before throwing a blowout celebration to mark the end of her nuptials. The influencer gathered her closest girlfriends in Miami for a divorce party, writing in a since deleted Instagram post (via Daily Mail), "I do, I did, I'm done... Divorced at last..." Their divorce wasn't officially finalized until November 2021, though Tiesi told TMZ Sports at the time they were "still cool" and kept in touch.

Manziel isn't the only famous man in Tiesi's past. She also famously dated Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Hogan, for around three years from 2008, with Nick telling TMZ in 2011 that he planned to propose. Tiesi seemed pretty close to the Hogan family as well, with the crew being photographed together on multiple occasions.

She wanted to wait to break the pregnancy news

Bre Tiesi didn't exactly have the baby reveal she hoped for when she told the world in January 2022 that she and Nick Cannon were expecting their first child together. Tiesi announced she and Mariah Carey's ex were expecting a son, sharing a video from a big beach gender reveal party on Instagram on January 31. But that wasn't the first the world heard about it. TMZ first reported the news a day earlier, unveiling photos from the event which included a look at Cannon cradling Tiesi's baby bump, as well snapshots of the two looking joyous as blue confetti cannons fired off around them.

Tiesi later shared she felt "exploited" by the outlet, saying in an Instagram Story that she and Cannon decided to keep things quiet for "various reasons" and were "horrified" that TMZ had announced the news on their behalf. "This was not how I'd hope to share this news especially given that I've been able to protect this news for almost my entire pregnancy," she added. Cannon addressed the announcement on his daytime talk show, "The Nick Cannon Show," on January 31, 2022, explaining they wanted to keep it under the radar following the death of his 5-month-old son, Zen, in December 2021. 

"I wanted to definitely respect the grieving process with Alyssa [Scott], and Bre was respectful ... she held off making her announcements and speaking on social media," Cannon said. "We wanted to hold on as long we can, but we're here."

Bre Tiesi is a woman who does it all

Bre Tiesi is a woman who, figuratively, at least, wears many hats. According to her Instagram bio, as of February 2022, this multi-talented star described herself as being a "Real Estate Agent. Investor. Business consultant. Model. Travel enthusiast." Giving us serious "Selling Sunset" vibes, Tiesi is listed as working for the Los Angeles luxury real estate agency Keller Williams Beverly Hills, where she goes by her full name, Breana Tiesi-Moran.

The star was still selling hard as of December 2021, as she kept her fans updated on her progress. "Another day, another listing," she wrote in the caption of three shots of herself in a luxury living room posted to Instagram. "Thankful for this year and all my clients," she continued, before promoting the Instagram page she created specifically for her real estate job.

But that's not all. She also has a YouTube channel where she offers up a glimpse into her luxe lifestyle. Her videos include a snippet of her tropical 25th birthday trip to the Bahamas, another that gives us a look at her jet-setting visit to Bali in Indonesia, and a third that makes us even more jealous as she gave us a peek at what happened when she experienced a luxury trip to the Maldives for almost a month.

She's no stranger to the small screen

Bre Tiesi has many jobs to her name, but one thing she missed in her Instagram bio is the word "actor," as it turns out she actually has a few credits. According to her IMDb page, she popped up in the mystery drama "Lie to Me" back in 2010, as well as Terrence Malick's "Knight of Cups." She also appeared on "MMAthletics," a series that gives viewers a look into the world of mixed martial arts. As she shared in her Proathlos profile, she happens to be "a former Strikeforce ring girl" — we weren't kidding when we said she wears a bunch of different hats. 

Her biggest break, though? That has to be on Nick Cannon's "Wild 'N Out." She even teamed up with her fellow stars for a women of "Wild 'N Out" podcast, which she promoted on Instagram in August 2021. 

The star appears to be more into modeling than acting though, telling fans in a YouTube Q&A that she "kind of just fell into" it after someone in the industry saw her on Facebook in a photo shared by a former boyfriend. Before that she had very different dreams though, sharing she once thought she'd be a surgical assistant. Talk about a path change.

Bre Tiesi is 'obsessed' with fitness

Quite how Bre Tiesi manages to do her million jobs we don't know, but the big bulk of her online presence actually comes from her dedication to fitness. Tiesi has her own fitness website, Body By Bre, where she offers a "12 Week Full Body Fitness Transformation" as well as several healthy recipes, including holiday-friendly foods and vegan recipes.

In an August 2021 YouTube Q&A video, Tiesi shared that fitness has always been a big part of her life, as she used to do dance and sports when she was younger. "The older I got with sports, the more I started incorporating workouts and fitness stuff," she explained, "and then I became obsessed with it." Tiesi also said that she hits the gym for at least five hours a week total. 

Her YouTube page also features a look at her pretty tough workouts, including a five-minute-long gym video that shows how the fitness enthusiast gets her tone on. She also shares some of her very best fitness moves on Instagram, including posting her "No equipment booty & arm workout" in July 2021.

The ex and the legal drama

Things got a bit messy for Bre Tiesi when she linked up with someone who would eventually become her former fiance. Tiesi was in a relationship with a man named Chris Anzalone, who eventually was "convicted for running a $16 million investment fraud scheme" involving gold, silver, and palladium stocks in 2015, according to TMZ Sports. According to the United States Department of Justice website, his investment firm committed a number of serious infractions, including bringing in "co-conspirators to falsely and fraudulently pose as other investors or hedge fund representatives to induce prospective investors to invest monies." He used that embezzled money to fund his lavish lifestyle, and as TMZ Sports put it, he "showered Bre in riches." Anzalone ultimately was hit with a 15-year sentence. 

According to TMZ Sports, Tiesi's team not only maintained that she had no part in the embezzlement scheme, but that she handed over the "items the feds claim she received from Anzalone's ill-gotten fortune" to the FBI. 

Bre Tiesi's OnlyFans gig

If you want to see a little more of Bre Tiesi, you can catch her over on OnlyFans. The "Wild 'N Out" star has her own page on the exclusive content website, where she shares personal photos and videos with her fans. 

As of February 2022, the star's page appears to be free to subscribe to, a dip from the amount she reportedly initially charged when she joined the website, which is primarily used to share adult content. When she first started offering up exclusive media in August 2020, OutKick reported that she was charging $5 a month to subscribe. At the time, Tiesi promoted her venture on Instagram in a post that appears to have been removed. "Want to see what my life is really like? Here's your chance to access behind the scenes footage, never before seen images, and so much more on Bre TV," she wrote on the social media site (via OutKick).

She still seems pretty active on her account, having uploaded more than 160 posts and more than 220 media since she first joined. As for what her bio says? Well, it reads in part, "My life just got a little bit more personal..." with a kiss emoji.

She's transparent about plastic surgery

In 2017, Bre Tiesi revealed via Instagram Stories (via TMZ) that she'd been attacked by a dog, sharing that a bite left her lip "legit hanging off." She shared a closeup of the injury before seeing a surgeon, alongside another one showing the results after she received several stitches. Fortunately, the star seems to have made a full recovery, but that's not the only time she's gone under the knife.

Tiesi has also chosen to open up about her breast augmentation surgery, sharing two vlogs about her operation in July 2021. In one very candid more than 12-minute-long video, she gave fans a good look at everything that went into her decision, from her initial consultation, to her actual surgery, to the recovery process that followed. In a followup video posted to her YouTube page later that month, she went more in depth about her plastic surgery. In the clip, she addressed her fans' burning questions about the surgery and her surgeon, including revealing how long she waited post-surgery before getting back to the gym.

Brie Tiesi's connection to Jennifer Lopez

It turns out Bre Tiesi and megastar Jennifer Lopez have quite the connection, as they have been linked to the same guy. As her fans may remember, JLo had a pretty serious relationship with dancer Casper Smart for five years, with the two dating from 2011 until 2016. Of course, Lopez then got involved with MLB veteran Alex Rodriguez before reuniting with actor Ben Affleck.

But Lopez wasn't the only one who moved on. A few years after their split, Smart began dating Tiesi. As TMZ reported at the time, on February 14, 2020, Tiesi — who was separated from Johnny Manziel at the time — shared a photo she snapped with Smart. The outlet also noted he gave her a ring, though it's not believed the two were ever engaged.

It's not clear exactly when these two broke up, though the following year she began seeing Nick Cannon and prepared to become a mom for the first time as they seemingly grew close on "Wild 'N Out." One thing's for sure, we can't wait to see what's next from this star as she tackles motherhood.