Here's What Dennis Rodman Is Doing Today

The following article includes brief references to domestic abuse allegations.

Unapologetic bad boy Dennis Rodman joined the NBA at 25 years old, first making waves by securing two championship titles with the Detroit Pistons, before moving on to the San Antonio Spurs, hitting a historic peak during the Chicago Bulls' three-championship run, and finally playing for the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. Regarded as one of the best defenders in NBA history, Rodman also secured a Hall of Famer title, is a two-time All Star, and seven-time rebounding champion.

However, it's also no secret that throughout his career, Rodman created controversy with nearly every move, namely with his wardrobe choices, hard partying lifestyle, and an unconventional playing style that shook the strict institution of the league — even the 7-foot-tall Shaquille O'Neal said he was difficult to play with. "Worst teammate — it was Rodman," Shaq said on "The Big Podcast with Shaq" in September 2022. "He was a great player, but ... he made it hard. Like when you try to corral the guys together, and then the people above you letting this one guy do whatever he wants, and rightfully so. ... You couldn't say nothing to him, because the man gave you 20 rebounds."

After 14 seasons with the NBA, Rodman found his way to celebrity entertainment in the 2000s and still held onto old habits of his youth. But what has this basketball legend been doing as of late?

Dennis Rodman designs his own t-shirts

No stranger to fashion, Dennis Rodman created his own line of streetwear tees in 2020 with some retro influences from his time in the NBA and showed off several of the designs from Rodman Brand in an interview with GQ the following year. The shirts depict him with neon-colored hair, making wild facial expressions, as well as one in which he's featured as a bobblehead wearing a split jersey that represents both his time as number 91 for the Chicago Bulls and number 73 for the Los Angeles Lakers. The name of the Rodman Brand game seems to be nostalgia and reflection on his time in the NBA, and it even resulted in two streetwear collaborations in with MARKET and A$AP Bari's VLONE in early 2022.

That March, Rodman — and one of his t-shirts! — went viral after he randomly met a woman on vacation in Florida and gave her a t-shirt from his brand for free, per Official NBA Buzz. "My new friend at dinner tonight. Next table over! He gave me a t shirt!!" the woman texted while relaying her conversation with Rodman back to her son, noting that they reportedly spoke about Rodman's dealings with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The surprise meeting also resulted in a couple of wholesome pictures her son posted on Twitter. As for the gifted t-shirt? The woman wrote to her son, "You can frame it if you want!!"

The former NBA star promotes testosterone

Dennis Rodman has promoted a testosterone supplement called ManTFUp in Miami since 2021, a product created by Dynamism Labs that attests to building up strength and endurance. At an event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the former basketball pro endorsed the alleged positive effects of the product after he initially cast doubt. "I'm like, 'Wow, this is actually pretty good,'" he told 7 News Miami that August. "Even though I'm doing my workouts and stuff right there I feel kind of energized."

The NBA alum also claimed around this time that he needed the product because of his low testosterone levels as he aged in his 60s and did not feel embarrassed about taking it. "When I need help, I need help. And I needed help," Rodman explained to S.E. Florida Daily News at another promotional event in Miami. When asked about the product's name — which seemingly makes the implication that someone is less masculine before taking it — Rodman assured that it was beyond gender. "No matter what you wear, if you are a man, you are a man. Take a look at what I'm wearing," the star, who's known to play with fashion regardless of traditional gender norms, said. "I'm a woman down here, a man up there and this makeup, whatever. I'm a man either way."

Dennis Rodman is no longer married

As of this writing, Dennis Rodman is reportedly single — and while he's been married three times, all of the unions sadly ended in divorce. Per ESPN, the NBA alum met his first wife, former model Annie Bakes, in 1986, and the pair had their only child together, Alexis Rodman, the following year. They married in 1992 but divorced 82 days later, and Bakes has repeatedly alleged that her ex-husband was physically abusive. "I was too involved with my job," Dennis admitted to the Los Angeles Times. "I knew in the back of my mind that she and my child were the most important things, but I never really showed it."

During his 1997-1998 championship season with the Chicago Bulls, Dennis began his high-profile whirlwind relationship with Carmen Electra. They infamously got hitched after a night of partying in Las Vegas; while the basketball pro initially filed for an annulment nine days later, they reconciled, but ultimately got divorced in 1999. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times in 2020, Electra expressed zero regrets. However, she previously revealed on Oprah Winfrey's "Where are They Now?": "Our relationship was very passionate. So, when it was good, it was amazing. When it was bad, it was the worst."

After welcoming two more children, Trinity and Dennis Rodman Jr., Dennis married third wife Michelle Moyer in 2003. While she initially filed for divorce in 2004, they remained married until 2012. Soon after, they faced off in court over Dennis allegedly not paying over $800,000 in child support due to lack of funds, per TMZ.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.

He's trying to be a better father to his three children

Dennis Rodman has consistently said he wanted to be a better father for his three children: Alexis Rodman, Trinity Rodman, and Dennis Rodman Jr. In his 2011 NBA Hall of Fame speech, he stated that his biggest regret was being neglectful to his family, while also praising then-wife Michelle Moyer for holding it down. "She's tolerated everything from me for 11 years, and she's raised three beautiful kids. ... She's been a mother and a father, and I've been very much appreciative of what she's done," Dennis said.

Fast forward to February 2022, when Dennis' then-19-year-old star athlete daughter, Trinity, became the highest paid soccer player in the history of the National Women's Soccer League, per The Washington Post. As Trinity revealed to the outlet, she was joyfully surprised when her famous father turned up at one of her games. Calling it "pretty awesome," she said, "It was a shock, and I was grateful to even have him there because he hadn't been to a lot of my games in the past."

Trinity previously elaborated on her relationship with her dad in a November 2021 Instagram post, speaking just as candidly as he did a decade earlier his Hall of Fame speech. "We don't have the best relationship, but at the end of the day he's human, I'm human ... he's my dad, and I'm his little girl that will never change," Trinity wrote in part, captioning a snapshot of the two hugging. "I will improve and look forward everyday as I hope he does."

Dennis Rodman was GQ's Style Icon of the Year in 2021

Known for his gender-bending, eccentric style, Dennis Rodman's fashion sense has clearly stood the test of time even decades after his NBA prime, with GQ naming him the 2021 "Style Icon of the Year." The Rodman Brand founder said his upbringing with his sisters — who dressed him up in girls' clothes while playing as a child — set the stage for his fashion future in a way: "We all had fun at the time, but that didn't inspire me when I got older. I guess it kind of made me have a sense of awareness of, like, man, I used to dress like this as a kid. Wearing a dress made me feel good. You know?"

Years prior to the men's magazine recognizing the former NBA pro's fashion game, Rodman began expressing himself more through women's clothes, brightly colored hair, and makeup after getting traded to the San Antonio Spurs in 1993. During an appearance on "The Breakfast Club" in 2019, Rodman opened up about being made to feel like an outcast during this time, but thankfully, others were eventually more accepting. In 1996, Rodman made the impulsive — and iconic — decision to wear a wedding dress to a "Bad as I Wanna Be" book signing after a run-in at the gym with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. 

"I said, 'Steven, what do you think about this idea? I'm thinking about wearing a wedding dress to my book signing,'" Rodman recalled to USA Today. "And he flipped out. He was like, 'That's awesome; that's great.'"

The former basketball pro still attends drag clubs

Dennis Rodman has long been candid about not having a father or brothers growing up — and, as previously mentioned, he's revealed that his sisters are one of the reasons why he began expressing himself through gender-fluid fashion. During an interview with "The Breakfast Club” in 2019, the former NBA player explained how this early experience also influenced his decades-long allyship with the LGBTQ+ community. "When I was younger ... I used to dress up as a girl. My sisters used to put makeup on me, put wigs on me, stuff like that. I think that that's a vision I've always had just to express myself sexuality-wise," Rodman explained. "... I've never been with a guy, but I love my gay community. ... I just like being free."

Rodman has also stated he still enjoys attending drag clubs, just like he used to back when he was playing for the San Antonio Spurs in the early '90s, noting how he's long felt inspired by what he perceived as the generally unapologetic nature of members of the LGBTQ+ community. "When you talk to people in the gay community, someone who does drag, something like that, they're so f***ing happy," Rodman told GQ in 2021. "They hold their head up so high every f***ing day, man. They're not ashamed of s**t. They're not trying to prove anything, they're just out there living their lives."

Dennis Rodman only has kind words for North Korea

In 2021, Dennis Rodman alleged to GQ that he wasn't aware of the highly criticized human rights violations in North Korea when he first visited in 2013. Stating that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un was a fan of the Chicago Bulls (which allowed him to visit in the first place), he was under the impression that he would only be signing merchandise. But after that initial controversial trip, Rodman maintained a favorable view of the country and its leaders due to the positive treatment he received. "They just sat there praising me like I was one of them," he said. "I was like, 'Wow.' I just fell in love with their country because they were so loving."

Despite travel bans, Rodman was keen to keep visiting North Korea — even becoming a peacemaking middleman between his unlikely friend, Kim Jong-un, and then-President Donald Trump in 2018. "I think I brought awareness to a lot of things around the world," Rodman stated (via ABC News). According to Insider, their historic Singapore summit made Trump the first president to meet with the North Korean leader; however, this didn't lend itself to allowing Rodman another visit. The former basketball player disapproved of this move, arguing in 2019 that Americans should be able to travel to North Korea to gain new perspective.

However, Rodman eventually told USA Today, "I don't like to talk about North Korea too much. It was a very integral part of my life after basketball. I'm glad I did it. And it's over. But I've moved on."

Why he wanted to speak with Vladimir Putin

Dennis Rodman seemingly gained confidence in being an unlikely U.S. diplomat after his 2013 trip to North Korea. After he claimed to have become friends with Kim Jong-un, he decided to use that influence by writing a letter to the controversial leader requesting the release of American prisoner Kenneth Bae, who had been held in the country for over two years, per TMZ. While Rodman didn't receive a response, U.S. officials were reportedly in contact with the North Korean government, and Bae was released soon after in 2014. "No doubt, our trips helped influence Kenneth Bae's release and I'm happy he is coming home safely," Rodman claimed to the gossip rag.

Years later, the NBA alum was garnering to have a similar diplomatic effect in Russia. According to NBC News, Rodman met Russian President Vladimir Putin back in 2014; in August 2022, the athlete hoped to help bargain the release of WNBA player Brittney Griner, who had been charged with drug smuggling by Russian courts and sentenced to nine years in prison. "I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl," Rodman alleged to the outlet. "I'm trying to go this week."

However, the U.S. had previously put sanctions on Russia due to its ongoing attack on Ukraine, and officials from President Joe Biden's administration heavily discouraged Rodman from going. When it was announced that the U.S. was negotiating a potential prisoner swap with Russia, noting that outside interference could jeopardize Griner's release, Rodman told ABC News that he'd canceled his travel plans.

Dennis Rodman is starring on The Surreal Life reboot

In October 2022, VH1 finally treated pop culture fanatics to a reboot of the popular 2000s reality show "The Surreal Life," with a stacked list of celebrity cast members in the lineup, including the likes of Dennis Rodman, Stormy Daniels, Frankie Muniz, and many more, per CNN. As viewers may recall, the premise of "The Surreal Life” simply served as a way to house multiple stars under one roof and allow the drama to unfold. 

For his part, Rodman most likely found himself slipping comfortably into this environment, as he was previously welcomed into the world of reality TV with open arms on multiple series on both sides of the pond — his own MTV show "The Rodman World Tour" even aired back in 1996. According to the Los Angeles Times, this short-lived series was rooted in a celebrity-centered premise much like "The Surreal Life." Rodman interviewed guests (such as Jay Leno and Jon Lovitz) in unconventional situations — like during a game of tennis or riding on a motorcycle to a pizza joint — and his goal was to seemingly ask as many invasive questions as possible for the ultimate reaction. All of this arguably begs the question: How did this last only one season?

Over the course of the 2000s and 2010s, Rodman would go on to appear on the likes of the "Celebrity Big Brother" and "Celebrity Love Island" in the UK, as well as on "Celebrity Apprentice" stateside, while even winning the $220,000 prize on "Celebrity Mole."