Twitter Is In A Tizzy Over Amber Heard's Account Deactivation

Actor Amber Heard's verified Twitter account has been deactivated, according to reports from multiple users on the social media platform. The question users are trying to figure out is why. Let's take a closer look at the theories surrounding her unexpected exit.

Twitter owner Elon Musk and Heard were previously in a relationship for about a year in 2016 and 2017, per People. At the same time, Heard has also faced considerable public backlash amid her legal difficulties with ex-husband Johnny Depp, to whom she was legally married while in a relationship with Musk (per People).

At the time of publication, it is unclear if Heard or her team made the call to deactivate her Twitter account or if it was deactivated by Twitter itself, considering that her verified Instagram account remains active. As netizens tend to do, Twitter users have their own thoughts about what might have happened behind the scenes.

Twitter users are speculating why Amber Heard's Twitter account was deactivated

Some users who appear to be against Amber Heard in her conflict with Johnny Depp, such as @NateD_1 and @Melanie_Lauren, have speculated that Musk's acquisition of Twitter could be the reason for the deactivation of Heard's account. Musk purchased the social media platform on October 27, 2022, per The New York Times, and he has expressed his intent to shake up the way things are done on Twitter — such as having users pay for verified status (per NBC News). This has also led some public figures to announce they are leaving Twitter, including Shonda Rhimes and Sara Bareilles, per a different NBC report.

As far as what happened with Heard, one Twitter user declared: "Amber deactivated her Twitter account." They followed this up with another tweet in the same thread, saying they wished they could do the same. Another Twitter user wrote, "My brother said, 'She deleted because she can't afford the 20 bucks a month for the blue check.' Plssss."

Heard's most recent Instagram post before the deactivation of her Twitter account was a typed statement posted on June 1, 2022, about the verdict in the defamation trial against Depp.