Adele Confirms We've All Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong

If you have an uncommon name, it's hard to get strangers to say it correctly after first meeting them. And if you don't correct them enough, sometimes the mispronunciation just unfortunately sticks. That was the case with Rihanna, who is always known as "Ree-ah-na" but is actually pronounced, "Ree-ann-na," via Time. Or how singer Tove-Lo has always been known as the phonetic way her name is spelled, "Tove-Low." But in actuality, she told her TikTok followers that the proper way to pronounce her name is, "Too-veh-loo," according to Vulture. "Think of it as voulez-vous, Tove Lo," she told her followers.

For Adele, one of the most famous people in the world, to have a name that everyone mispronounces must be annoying. And it's true — Adele's name isn't pronounced how you think it is. She's not mad unless, maybe, you pronounce it "Adele Dazeem." But here's the correct way to say it.

Adele confirmed how to properly say her name

As NBC News reported, Adele held a Q&A event in Los Angeles where she debuted the video for "I Drink Wine" in October. She talked and answered questions with fans there, and took video questions as well. One fan sent a video in, and Adele was shocked that the fan pronounced her name correctly. "Where's she from, Enfield?" the "Rolling in the Deep" singer asked in disbelief. Enfield is a North London town near where she grew up, in Tottenham. The popular way to say Adele's name is "Uh-dell," but the proper way to pronounce her name is "Uh-dale," like that fan. Just pretend you have a great Northern British accent just like "Uh-dale!" Entertainment Tonight reported that the singer then said, "Love that. She said my name perfectly!"

Whether Adele's name is pronounced with an American accent or the superior Northern English accent, she doesn't want her last name involved at all. While appearing in a NikkieTutorials YouTube video in 2021, the singer revealed that she would never have added her "drab" last name to her stage name. "I could have never used my surname," she said. "Adele Adkins does not have the same ring as Adele." The "Easy On Me" singer trademarked her name in 2012 to stop people from "exploiting her name by using it on products" she's not involved with.