Teresa Giudice Unpacks Her Relationship With Luis Ruelas' Ex-Wife

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas recently tied the knot at the Park Chateau Estate and Gardens in New Jersey after dating for nearly two years, as reported by Page Six. Teresa began her romantic relationship with Ruelas shortly after officially finalizing her divorce from Joe Giudice in September 2020, according to People. After dating for about six months, Ruelas met Joe Giudice in person for the first time in the Bahamas, per Page Six. Prior to Teresa's worlds colliding, the reality star teased Ruelas was interested in meeting Joe during an episode of "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen back in April 2021.

"They've talked over the phone. Luis wanted to go to the Bahamas and meet him, which I thought was the most amazing thing ever," Giudice told Cohen, reports Page Six. "He said he just wanted to talk to him and let him know he's not trying to take his place or anything."

Ruelas and Joe appear to have maintained a respectful bond ever since. In fact, Ruelas even called Teresa's ex-husband on the day of their wedding. He explained, via Us Weekly, "[I] called him to let him know that, you know, I'm committed to his daughters and committed to Teresa." And while the men in Teresa's life get along well, the "RHONJ" star hasn't shared much about her relationship with Ruelas' ex-wife until recently.

Teresa Giudice says Luis Ruelas' ex-wife is nice

Teresa Giudice married Luis Ruelas in August, per Page Six, but the pair introduced their families over the past two years. Joe Giudice and Ruelas have met and are in communication about the Giudice children, according to People, and Ruelas co-parents two children with his ex-wife, Marisa DiMartino, who fans don't hear much about. That changed during a conversation on the latest episode of Giudice's podcast, "Namaste B$tches," where she finally opened up on her relationship with DiMartino.

The reality star explained that she met DiMartino before her wedding to Ruelas and said that she was "nice." "I have to say it went amazing, I'm so thankful and grateful," the "RHONJ" star said. "When I first started dating Louis ... maybe after a year ... I went and met her at her house." Although it's unclear if they are regularly in communication, she did make it clear that the meeting took place after Ruelas made the first move and reached out to her ex-husband, Joe Giudice.

Before meeting DiMartino, Giudice revealed that she felt a bit uneasy about it. "I was very nervous because ... that's his ex-wife [and] the mother of his two children. I wanted the kids to know that I'm not this crazy person, that I really love their dad." Everything appears to be more than cordial between the women as Giudice claimed DiMartino visited the couple's home this past summer right before their wedding.