Samuel Page: Enchanting Facts About The Hallmark Star

Even if you don't recognize the name Samuel Page, chances are you've still seen him on TV. The Wisconsin native has had an impressive acting career that's spanned across two decades. Page made his onscreen debut all the way back in 1999 on the MTV series "Undressed," but rose to fame on the daytime drama "All My Children" in 2002. From there, he's made appearances on fan-favorite shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "Gossip Girl," before landing a role on the hit drama "Mad Men." Later in his career, Page went on to star in the critically-acclaimed drama "House of Cards" as well the popular series "The Bold Type."

Yet fans may know Page best from his work on The Hallmark Channel considering that the father-of-three has done several TV movies for the network over the years — and he's more than proud of his work with the network. He once gushed to Media Village, "It's pretty great and I am very grateful to look back on a decade with Hallmark and look at the success we've had." When it comes to his acting career, he told Monsters & Critics, "No matter what you are working on, it's a pretty unique life that you get to live when every day, you're on the cusp of a dream coming true."

Being a famous TV star has definitely given Page a unique and interesting life, whether he's on-screen or off. So with that said, let's break down some enchanting facts about everyone's favorite Hallmark heartthrob.

Samuel Page loves working with Hallmark

It sure sounds like Samuel Page has always had a soft spot for The Hallmark Channel. He explained to Media Village, "It's a wonderful feeling to work for a company that really values and cares about their casts, crews and everybody that works on their projects." It probably also helps that they have their own large fanbase, with Page dishing, "It's just the best of all worlds." While those Hallmark fans were used to seeing Page in upbeat holiday movies, he branched out in 2021 with the film "One Summer." "It was refreshing to be able to dig deep and sink my teeth into what is much more of a drama than anything else I've ever done at Hallmark," he said. 

In addition to starring in Hallmark movies, Page has been involved behind the scenes. For example, he happened to be the person who brought the 2017 film "The Perfect Christmas Present" to the network. Of the project, he told TV Goodness, "I thought it was a really charming script."

Page often returns to the network when he can, even if he can't keep track of his own Hallmark movies. "Once my schedule opened up and I was looking forward to doing a movie for Hallmark, [I realized] I've already done one," he admitted to TV Goodness. But there is one thing that he feels they're missing. He dished, "I don't think they do these, but I'd like to do a Hallmark Halloween movie."

The Mad Men actor experienced 'love at first sight'

You could say that Samuel Page's real life love story with his now-wife, Cassidy Boesch, may be even better than a Hallmark movie romance. As he recalled to Cosmopolitan, the two first met at a cocktail party and ended up chatting all night, before Page drove Boesch home. He recalled, "I called my friend ... and I left a voicemail and said, 'I  just wanted to go on the record to say, this has never happened to me before and I guess I wouldn't believe in this until it happened' — it was love at first sight."

Before Boesch, marriage wasn't necessarily in the cards for Page because he didn't agree with certain aspects of it. "I have a tough time being governed in my relationship," he explained to Cosmopolitan. Yet true love didn't take long to change that since he went on to marry Boesch in 2014 after three years of dating. When it came to their wedding at a California villa, a source told E! News, "It was truly a fairy-tale weekend."

These days, Page is clearly still smitten since he often posts about his wife on Instagram. He once gushed in a birthday tribute to her, 'I've been loving you more every second since the night I met you." He even later wrote in an anniversary post, "Thank you...for repeatedly making me the luckiest guy there is."

The Bold Type star has dated co-workers

Samuel Page may be best known for his Hallmark movies but it appears that he was also a fan-favorite in the Freeform series "The Bold Type" where his character, Richard, engaged in a controversial workplace romance with one of the main characters. It's apparently something that Page could relate to, telling Cosmopolitan, "Hoo boy, is it tricky with actors. But ... not where it needs to be kept under wraps." He had found out firsthand why it can be difficult though after once dating a co-star. He dished, "I realized [her exes] kind of really lined up with her IMDB page, and I thought, 'OK... next time you start a job, I fully expect you to start dating the guy you're working with.'"

Page also pointed out why it's probably best for actors to not strike up a romance with their co-workers: "Sometimes the directors don't like their actors to be dating because they feel like it ruins the on-screen chemistry." However, he feels it's still important to have good on-set relationships, especially when love scenes are involved. He said to Young Entertainment, "It's easier when you're with somebody who you respect and you feel safe around."

Page ended up marrying a schoolteacher so it's not something he personally has to deal with anymore. But it seems he was proud of how the show covered relatable issues. "There are real issues that couples have that we get to explore. To me, that's the most fun to play," he said.

Samuel Page was almost in Sex and the City

Many fans might be surprised to learn that Samuel Page was almost on "Sex and the City." He told Cosmopolitan that he had met with the show's producers for the role of Smith Jerrod, Samantha Jones' boyfriend. The "Greek" actor came pretty close to landing the part too, which he didn't know until his agent's assistant spilled the beans over drinks months later. "He said, 'Oh, yeah, they had meetings, and they would announce who was still in the running, and you got down to the final five or three,'" Page recalled.

Of course, doing the HBO show would have been much different than working with Hallmark. Page dished, "It was very risqué, and they said, 'Now, there's going to be a lot of nudity. ... There will be simulated sex.' And I said, 'What do you mean by 'simulated.'" Page ended up having similar steamy scenes in other projects, like "The Bold Type." When it comes to those sex scenes, he explained Young Entertainment,"You can kind of just let go and be the character without having to think about it so much."

Page doesn't seem too upset that it didn't work out, even implying that Jason Lewis, the actor who did play Smith Jerrod on "Sex and the City," looked better with his shirt off. However, it's worth mentioning that the most popular Google search term with Page's name was once "shirtless," per TV Fanatic. "I should be so lucky that that's something that people find interesting," he quipped.

Samuel Page was meant to be an actor

It appears that Samuel Page knew he was meant to be an actor since he boldly decided to move to Hollywood without much experience. Yet the "Mad Men" alum explained to OnMilwaukee, "When I arrived in California, I knew I had a lot to learn as an actor, as opposed to someone who had already made acting an art for him or herself." While Page clearly went on to find jobs in show business, his success in the incredibly competitive industry did not arrive overnight. "I found out after being in Hollywood for four years is that success doesn't just 'happen' to anybody," he dished.

That's probably why Page is grateful for the career he has now. He once said to Monsters & Critics, "If I'm working on a set, and I got hired to act on it, I always, no matter what the project is, consider that a dream come true." Page also makes it a point to continue to learn as much as he can, adding, "I've always tried to be a sponge on set."

As Page told Cosmopolitan, he did initially try his hand at other careers, including working for waste management and a minor league hockey team. It seems for Page, acting is more than just a job though, it's his passion. "It's never been about money or fame, I truly love what I'm doing," he said.

The Christmas in Rome star is a father of three

Samuel Page definitely has another important role outside of acting, which is being a father-of-three. The "American Dreams" actor first became a dad in 2016 when he and his wife, Cassidy Boesch, welcomed their son, Logan. Page announced Logan's birth on Instagram with a photo of the newborn laying on the family dog, writing, "The newest, best and brightest part of my life hanging out with the chillest and hairiest part."

Two years later, Page and Boesch expanded their family with twins, Annabelle and Evie. While having three kids close in age has come with its challenges, Logan apparently really took to being a big brother. "He is always thinking of games they can play together. He's always kind of standing up for them when he's around other little kids," Page told "Home & Family." It seems Page enjoys sharing glimpses into his life with his kids, whether they're cuddling on the couch or watching football together.

What is difficult though is when work takes Page away from his family. Yet he apparently makes sacrifices to never be gone longer than he has to, even when he filmed "The Bold Type" far away in Montreal. He shared on KTLA, "I would only have a few days work each episode and I was just back and forth... I logged a lot of travel miles in a few months."

The Gossip Girl actor is an Ivy League graduate

Hallmark hunk Samuel Page just so happens to be an Ivy League scholar. Page is not only a graduate of the prestigious Princeton University, where he studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, but his senior thesis was even published in a scientific journal, per SoapCentral. While Page didn't end up working in those fields, he did use what he learned to prepare for the busy life of an actor. He explained to OnMilwaukee, "I took a summer semester of organic chemistry at Marquette that met twice a week and four hours at a time. ... A regime like that prepared me for just about anything."

Page was also an impressive baseball player at the time and was recruited by Princeton in high school to play on their team. Yet, acting was apparently never far from his mind. He told Da Man, "My other passion was film, though between a regular class load and the extracurricular requirements of baseball, film/drama study just wasn't an option for me." However he added, "I still adamantly and studiously watched as many films as I could."

Page did seem to enjoy his major though. "It was something I was fascinated by and was driven to learn for the sake of knowledge and understanding," he said in Da Man. Yet aside from reading science news stories in the paper, he doesn't keep up with his field of study as much as he'd like these days.

Samuel Page has impressive real estate

Samuel Page has clearly had a successful acting career, which is why it shouldn't come as a surprise that the "All Things Valentine" star has been able to acquire some impressive real estate. In fact, he and his wife, Cassidy Boesch's fourth home was even featured in Architectural Digest in 2020 where it was described as "coastal-farmhouse-chic." The couple had purchased the nearly 3,000-square-foot Pacific Palisades home when they realized they needed more space and a kid-friendly neighborhood for their expanding family. They did have to do some renovations to the house though, to fit each other's vibe. "We've figured out how our styles can mesh together to make something that really works," Page said.

However, just two years later in 2022, the couple was seemingly ready to move on and put that home on the market for $3.95 million, per Dirt. You could say that the family then upgraded their living situation considering that Page went to purchase actor Brooke Shields' former home for a whopping $7.4 million. The house wasn't only a few thousand square feet bigger than their previous one, but also boasted scenic mountain views, as well as a large pool and spa.

Although Page has put his roots down in Los Angeles, it appears that his hometown of Milwaukee still has a special place in his heart. As he said to OnMilwaukee, "You tend to remember what motivated you to go forward with your dreams in the first place, where those thoughts originated."

Samuel Page was a most eligible bachelor

Samuel Page may be a happily married family man these days but at one point in his career he was an eligible bachelor. In fact, he was even once one of People magazine's "Most Eligible Bachelors," making the coveted list back in 2002. At the time, Page was also starring in the daytime soap "All My Children," and seemingly enjoying his newfound fame... or lack thereof. He told OnMilwaukee in 2003, "I'm not recognized that often," adding, "People are nice and say congratulations, but they don't make me or the people I'm with feel awkward." It appears Page's family also made sure that fame wouldn't get to his head. "They give me a lot of guff all the time," he dished, adding, "They give me some heat about my character's name."

While Page is no longer a "bachelor" these days, he did attempt to play the field before he met his wife, even making a pact with his two best friends. He revealed to Cosmopolitan, "All three of us were single and we made a solemn oath to stay single the whole summer and have a summer of craziness." That plan however, didn't last long because Page met his now-wife, Cassidy Boesch, soon after.

All in all, Page has not only had an exciting career since his bachelor days, but an interesting personal life as well. And it seems that the father-of-three will only just continue to  charm fans whether it's in-person or on The Hallmark Channel.