George Lopez Pinpoints The TikTok That Pushed Him To Repair His Relationship With Daughter Mayan

George Lopez and his daughter Mayan have not always had the best father-daughter relationship, but they have since worked to mend it. The duo is now starring in a new sitcom, which they are both producing as well. According to People, "Lopez vs. Lopez" will simultaneously air on NBC and be available for streaming on Peacock. The good news comes after a health scare that George faced on New Year's Eve in 2021. In the show, George and Mayan's characters navigate putting their tumultuous past as father and daughter behind them as they attempt to turn over a new leaf. Mayan's mother, Ann, and George decided to divorce in 2010 after 17 years of marriage, according to TMZ, putting a major strain on George's relationship with his daughter.

Ultimately, the father-daughter pair reconnected during the pandemic after not speaking for years. Mayan told People, "It's so crazy to think that really two years ago, we weren't really speaking regularly, if at all." She added, "With the show, I'm having similar conversations, hard conversations that I've had with him or struggled to have with him — and now we're doing it on TV for millions of people to see."

After pursuing therapy and prioritizing each other again, the Lopez family are in a much better place than they were a few years ago. However, the scenario that sparked George to repair his relationship with Mayan may come as a bit of a shock.

An unexpected TikTok caused George Lopez to make a change

Although George Lopez and his daughter Mayan are on good terms and even working on a sitcom together now, there was major dysfunction among the formerly estranged family members just a few years ago. Their new NBC sitcom, "Lopez vs. Lopez," was reportedly inspired by their previously complicated family dynamic, per NBC News. Mayan and George did not talk for a long time following his divorce from ex-wife Ann in 2010, but one particular TikTok pushed the comedian to want to repair their relationship.

During an interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," George revealed, "[Mayan] went on TikTok to respond to a video that someone made attacking me. It was a video of her twerking upside-down. I realized I wasn't the best dad, but when your kid's twerking upside-down, you've got some real f***ing problems." That caused him to realize that he was "responsible" for some of his daughter's trauma, and it was up to him to mend their relationship. Mayan and George Lopez began going to trauma therapy together and became close again after some serious effort.

Mayan told ET, "I think now what really cemented our reconciliation was the pandemic. I think everyone, we just realized what was important in life and what wasn't." Now, it appears that George and Mayan Lopez are closer than ever and have officially put their turbulent relationship behind them as the "Lopez vs. Lopez" premiere approaches.