John Legend Looks Back On His Past With Kanye West Before Their Friendship Crumbled

It's no secret that Kanye "Ye" West has burned bridges with even his closest friends after his recent controversial actions. After making antisemitic and other disturbing remarks on the internet, Ye was dropped by several businesses that endorsed him and his products including Adidas, according to The New York Times. He's also been publicly making offensive comments about celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid, per Hollywood Life. Justin Bieber, a close friend of Ye's who had previously stood by his side despite his unpredictable behavior, was understandably upset by the rapper's attack on his wife. The "Peaches" singer has since decided to distance himself from Ye, according to Entertainment Tonight, and he's not the only one.

According to TMZ, Ice Cube has also decided to cut ties from Ye as well. And despite all of the backlash and friendships he has lost along the way, the rapper doesn't appear to have any regrets. In terms of being canceled, Ye seemingly doesn't believe that's possible and recently told paparazzi (via Page Six), "We here, baby, we ain't going nowhere."

Many celebrities have spoken out against Ye's behavior, but not many who know him personally. However, a former friend of Ye's, John Legend, is now speaking out about their past friendship and how he really feels about the rapper now.

John Legend and Ye haven't been friends for a while

During a podcast appearance on "On With Kara Swisher" for New York Magazine, John Legend openly addressed where he stands with Kanye "Ye" West right now. Speaking on his behavior now, Legend said (via Entertainment Tonight), "He's definitely changed and a lot of us who have known him over the years are really concerned about it." In terms of their friendship and if he's helping Ye seek help, the singer revealed, "I know people in his life that are, but we have lost touch." He added, "We have not been friends for a while now, and so I'm not personally doing anything, but I do know people who are." He explained that Ye's antisemitic remarks are beyond dangerous and harmful, especially considering his platform and fanbase.

Although Legend does believe in forgiveness, he does believe that Ye should still be held accountable for his actions. He clarified, "That doesn't mean people shouldn't face consequences for what they do wrong."

Many of Ye's fans are continuing to support him despite the controversy, and despite all of the drama, Ye appears to be living his life as normal. In fact, he was just spotted at his son Saint's soccer game ... getting into a fight with another parent, per Page Six.