Cardi B's Shared Throwback Video Of Takeoff Is The Most Emotional Tribute Yet

The rap group Migos was more than a music group. They are family — literally. According to Highsnobiety, Quavo and Offset are cousins and Takeoff was the nephew of Quavo. And to make them even closer as a family, the outlet reports they were raised by Takeoff's mother, who is Quavo's older sister. 

Although the three members of Migos are blood-related, it doesn't mean they didn't run into problems as a music group. Fans had been all but convinced Migos broke up this year after various hints from the performers. Many noticed that the three have been focusing more on their solo careers, and Offset has been in a legal battle with the group's label, per TMZ.

With scrutiny already on the trio, another famous name in the family has also kept Migos in the spotlight throughout the years. Rapper Cardi B joined the family by marrying Offset in 2018, according to Brides. Now, in the wake of Takeoff's recent death, it seems evident in Cardi B's social media tribute that the tragedy is bringing the family closer.

Cardi B retweets a touching moment in response to Takeoff's death

When the news broke that Takeoff died in a fatal shooting on November 1, people took to social media to express their grief and sadness. But Cardi B didn't say anything immediately. According to OK!, fans had mixed feelings about the rapper's silence. Some thought that she should say at least something, but others understood that everyone grieves in their own way, and she may have chosen to do it privately.

On November 3, Cardi B broke her silence, but in a very subtle way. Complex Music tweeted an interview with Migos, that showed the group being asked what was the best gift they have ever gotten. "My dudes gave me this ring," the late rapper answered, showing a ring with a small photo of a young Takeoff and his mother. "It's always going to stay with me, too. I ain't never going to take it off." Cardi B retweeted the video, which had the simple caption, "Family forever." 

As TMZ reported, Quavo was alongside Takeoff at the time of his death when someone opened fire at a Houston, Texas bowling alley on November 1.