SNL Star Chris Redd Provides New Details About What Really Happened During His Alarming Attack

Chris Redd has had an odd and scary few days. After being sucker-punched outside New York City's Comedy Cellar on October 26, the "Saturday Night Live" alum landed in Manhattan's Bellevue Hospital, per The New York Post. According to TMZ, medics treated Redd's wounds, including administering stitches for a laceration on his nose. He was released shortly afterward, with Redd updating fans in an October 31 Instagram story that he was "healing fast," via The Hollywood Reporter.

Law enforcement informed TMZ after the attack that the assailant was dressed as a security guard, striking Redd as the comedian left his car for the venue. Several witnesses also reported seeing Redd's blood all over the stairs leading down into the club. According to Page Six, the assailant was accompanied by a male accomplice, who stood watch during the attack. Both men were reportedly spotted outside the club about an hour before Redd's arrival and were able to flee capture. 

As Redd recollects himself in the aftermath of the violent incident, he has shared some new disturbing details from the attack.

Chris Redd breaks silence on his gruesome attack

Seemingly confirming an earlier report by TMZ, Chris Redd detailed that his October 26 attacker used brass knuckles — or a similar metallic weapon — to punch him in the face. Redd told the "The Last Laugh" podcast, via a clip provided by E! News, "I thought it was brass knuckles because of the way it cut my nose to the bone." Redd also shared that he was treated at Bellevue Hospital for two fractures in his nose. "A fist don't normally do all of that at one time," he noted. However, the comedian denied TMZ's report, in an October 31 Instagram Story, via Entertainment Weekly, that his assailant attempted to steal his Greg Yuna necklace. "NOBODY SNATCHED MY CHAIN BRO!!!!," he laughingly wrote.

Redd himself believes this to have been a targeted attack. "The dude just hit me and ran off," the "Scare Me" star explained on the podcast. According to Redd, he even wanted to continue with his stand-up gig that night if he hadn't required hospitalization. "If we could have stopped the bleeding, I would have went on stage," he said. "I was like, 'I can't wait to talk about this s***.'"

Luckily for Redd and his fans, the recovering comedian is more than ready to joke about the incident. With his next scheduled show happening in Tacoma, Washington on November 11, per VIBE, Redd told "The Last Laugh," "Nobody has as many jokes about this as I do."