Chanel West Coast Announces Her Daughter's Birth

"Sharon Stoned" singer Chanel West Coast and her boyfriend, Dom Fenison, will now be sharin' diaper duty. West Coast announced the arrival of their baby girl in a November 2 post on her Instagram Story, per People. "Never felt a love like this before. She's the best thing that ever [happened] to me," the "Ridiculousness" star wrote.

Just days earlier, West Coast was still partying, sharing photos from a Halloween bash where she was joined by Fenison. She dressed up like a flower child, complete with a floral headband and a wide-sleeved baby doll dress that accommodated her bump. At the party, she hung out with her pals and posed barefoot and pregnant beside a skeleton. Fenison opted for an all-black cowboy costume. "Got dressed up even tho I'm ready to pop lol," West Coast wrote.

The "Greatest Hit" singer and Fenison knew each other long before they coupled up, but sparks flew when they appeared together in West Coast's "Vinyl" music video. Fenison is a model, but his girlfriend told E! that his appearance isn't the only thing about him that she finds attractive. "He's the smartest, classiest, most well rounded human being I've ever met," she said. "He's very stylish, very funny and just your all-around great guy." In June, West Coast revealed that they were about to become parents, telling E!, "It's probably my scariest journey yet." And it took one last scary turn right before her baby arrived.

Chanel West Coast experienced complications during labor

When she announced the birth of her baby girl, Chanel West Coast revealed that she experienced a post-Halloween fright in the delivery room. "After many hours in labor I ended up giving birth to my baby girl via c-section. A few complications and she didn't wanna just pop out on her own," she wrote on her Instagram Story, per People. "The scariest yet most rewarding day of my life by far." As of this writing, West Coast and Dom Fenison haven't revealed whether they've picked a name for their daughter.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, West Coast revealed that she has a bicornuate uterus. This means that her uterus is irregularly shaped, which puts her at a higher risk of experiencing pregnancy complications. Because of this, she decided to delay the release of a planned album so that she could take it easy ahead of her baby's arrival.

West Coast also revealed that motherhood has made her want to make her raunchy lyrics a thing of the past, saying that she's started thinking about how her kids will react to her songs. She said of her next record, "I want to just make some like deeper, more thoughtful music that just is really inspirational for other mothers to listen to." It sounds like the rapper might actually try to become "America's Sweetheart."