Who Is Buying Beverly Hills Star, Joey Ben-Zvi?

If there's one person who made a name for themselves before the premiere of "Buying Beverly Hills," it is agent Joey Ben-Zvi.

The latest Netflix series "Buying Beverly Hills" follows Ben-Zvi alongside 11 other real estate agents who work for the firm The Agency. The real estate brokerage is well known in Beverly Hills as it's run by Mauricio Umansky, Kyle Richards' husband. In addition to Ben-Zvi, the other agents include Santiago Arana, Sonika Vaid, Ben Belack, Jon Grauman, Allie Lutz Rosenberger, Melissa Platt, Brandon Graves, and Umansky's daughters, Farah Brittany and Alexia Umansky, per Bustle.

As imagined, there is no shortage of drama on the show and Ben-Zvi puts himself right in the middle of that drama. For example, the drama brewing between agents can be seen in the "Buying Beverly Hills" trailer when a fellow colleague tells Ben-Zvi the price he put on a house simply isn't good enough. Not only that, Ben-Zvi is also at the center of relationship drama with one his fellow agent's Alexia Umansky. Obviously, the drama on "Buying Beverly Hills" is never-ending and with Ben-Zvi at the center of it, it's left fans wondering more about who he really is. 

Inside Joey Ben-Zvi's life

If there is anyone who knows Beverly Hills inside and out, it's "Buying Beverly Hills" star, Joey Ben-Zvi. Growing up in Los Angeles, Ben-Zvi uses his knowledge as a native to his advantage. 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018, Ben-Zvi immediately joined The Agency and began a mentorship with Mauricio Umansky, according to his bio. From there, Ben-Zvi received his real estate license in 2019 and created his own agency, the Ben-Zvi Piller Group. Juggling two agencies isn't easy but when Ben-Zvi isn't working to sell houses with his own agency, he is with Umansky's group marketing and managing client relationships, per House Beautiful.

Managing client relationships isn't an easy task, but it's a part of the job that Ben-Zvi loves. "...Working closely with the agents I've looked up to is my favorite part of working at The Agency," Ben-Zvi said. "Each deal I've done with another Agency agent I look up to has taught me something new, valuable, and useful that I've been able to apply." But even though Ben-Zvi loves to work on his relationships, that doesn't mean there isn't any drama. In fact, during "Buying Beverly Hills," fans got a closer look at Ben-Zvi's complicated relationship with fellow agent, Alexia Umansky. 

Joey Ben-Zvi and Alexia Umansky have a complicated relationship

It comes as no surprise that "Buying Beverly Hills" follows more than just the real estate market. That's because the relationships between the "Buying Beverly Hills" cast mates are almost as exciting as the luxury homes for sale on the show. One relationship fans are particularly dying to know more about is the relationship between agents Alexia Umansky and Joey Ben-Zvi.

While Umansky is in a new relationship with boyfriend Jake Zingerman as of this writing, let's just say she and Ben-Zvi go way back. In an interview with Us Weekly, Umansky explained that she and Ben-Zvi are good friends, but they did hook up in the past. "It's not your everyday situation where you kind of make out with your high school friend and then you talk about it three years later on TV while you have a boyfriend and your dad and your sister and all your colleagues are involved," Umansky said. "That's a little bit of a weird situation." 

While Ben-Zvi didn't respond to any of the relationship rumors regarding him and Umansky, it seems it's only because he's focused on his budding career. "My biggest real estate flex is exceeding the expectations of clients and peers alike by selling properties for unprecedented numbers," Ben-Zvi told House Beautiful.