Who Is Rachel Clark From Winter House?

Rachel Clark is one of the newest cast members of "Winter House" Season 2 and if viewers think she looks familiar, they're right. Clark was first seen in "Summer House" Season 6 as Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's florist. While Cooke and Batula were prepping for their wedding, their florist backed out at the last minute. The frantic couple managed to find Clark, who swooped in and saved their big day, perĀ Vulture.

It was no easy feat to find a replacement, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic but Clark was shown reassuring the "Summer House" couple that she could do the job. During their wedding episode, Clark came in like a boss and handled all their floral arrangements, and Batula was seen thanking her for her last-minute save, via Bravo. Clark and the "Summer House" duo must have hit it off as she was then invited to their second "Winter House" season and fans were curious to know more about the tattooed florist.

Rachel Clark runs her own floral business

Rachel Clark is the owner and sole runner of her floral business, Dearest Rachel, which she runs out of New York City, per Bravo. According to her website, Clark's extensive client list includes Guess, Nine West, Chanel, and Amazon, among many other big-name brands. Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula were clearly in love with her floral designs for their wedding and have hired her for their Loverboy event, per Clark's Instagram dedicated to her business.

Clark's personal Instagram page reveals that she was a contestant on HBO Max's "Full Bloom" Season 2 in 2021. The competition show pits florists against each other to create the best designs. Although Clark didn't make it to the end as the big winner, she went on to compete in Dare to Bloom, which was organized by Lulu Is Forever, per Thursd. Out of the four contestants, Clark was declared the winner and she gave a shout-out to her floral community. "It's so important to everyone I know within the floral world to spread love and support each other. We pour our hearts into what we do and it's something we all share in that regard," she told the publication. Clark clearly has a passion for flowers and although she describes herself as "in a relationship with fleurs, mostly," she is not averse to finding love.

Is Rachel Clark dating anybody?

Rachel Clark came to "Winter House" Season 2 single. She initially dismissed the men in the house, but she and Jason Cameron sparked up a flirtation. Clark seemed to be interested in Cameron but she didn't know if he reciprocated her feelings. In a recent episode, she directly asked him if he liked her, to which he replied that he did. After a night of partying, Clark and Cameron were sitting together and she planted a smooch on his lips and then walked away. Cameron stared after her stunned and it seemed like he didn't know what to do. On an episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Clark explained why she kissed Cameron and left. "I like to stun 'em," she stated, per Bravo.

Although Clark and Cameron's romance seemed promising, it looks as if their fling didn't last. On November 6, Clark shared a video on her Instagram of her and a man sharing a kiss and then skipping away. According to her tag, the mystery man is Thomas Altamirano and he's an interior designer based in New York City. "I was really rooting for you and Jason glad you are happy," a fan wrote on Clark's post. Clark responded, "[In] the end I hope Jason finds his person too! But thank you I couldn't be happier!" Many are happy for Clark's newfound love and hope to see more of her in future "Winter House" and "Summer House" seasons.