How Much The Houston Astros Really Spent Celebrating Their World Series Win

Big sports celebrations are always fun for fans to watch. For example, Cincinnati Bengals fans loved watching quarterback Joe Burrow and wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase celebrate their championship win against the Kansas City Chiefs, per Sports Illustrated. The two college teammates threw it back to winning their 2020 national title as LSU Tigers, lighting a cigar and dancing to Lil Elt's "Get The Gat."

It seems that post game celebrations can be a little dangerous too, as Houston Astros starting pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. got injured by a champagne bottle when they celebrated a victory over the Seattle Mariners in an 18-inning game. "Unfortunately, after the victory in Seattle, I caught a spare champagne bottle to the elbow bone," he told ESPN. He mentioned that the bottle happened to hit the wrong spot on his arm as someone was carrying it through, and it was "just an accident."

The celebrations didn't stop there for the Astros, as they went on to win the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies after six games. "sWeet taste of victory," the Astros tweeted with a video of their manager, Dusty Baker, chugging champagne. According to ClutchPoints, Baker has had some tough luck with securing a World Series ring as a manager, especially after taking over as manager following the Astros cheating scandal. With such a well-deserved celebration, however, you'd be surprised that the champagne used to celebrate the win wasn't just a regular bottle.

The Houston Astros' celebration was pretty expensive

In September, the Houston Astros announced that they were partnering with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's premium wine and spirits company called Sire Spirits LLC. According to MLB, the partnership named Branson Cognac as the "Official Cognac of the Houston Astros," and they named Le Chemin du Roi as the "Official Premium Champagne of the Houston Astros." 

Jackson's champagne was a major part of the clubhouse celebration after the Astros won the World Series on November 5 against the Philadelphia Phillies. And according to TMZ, the champagne isn't cheap. The media outlet stated that the team celebrated with multiple bottles of Le Chemin du Roi and the cost of it was nearly $400,000. It is said that the Astros used 250 bottles of Rose, 10 Magnums, and a 15-liter bottle.

The Astros brought the celebration to Houston as well, letting the fans in on the fun. On November 7, the city held a victory parade. "The fans support us," Astros owner Jim Crane told ABC13, following the World Series win. "And seeing that place erupt was spectacular. Have a safe day and enjoy the championship."