Olivia Culpo Divulges New Details About Past Relationship With Nick Jonas

Before Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra surprised fans by revealing they were in a relationship in May 2018, the singer dated some of the biggest A-listers around. One look at his relationship timeline reveals huge celebrity names, from Miley Cyrus to Kendall Jenner. One of his most notable exes, though, was Olivia Culpo. The couple got together in 2013 and things seemed to be going strong; she even inspired him to write "Jealous" and appeared in the music video, but they called it quits in 2015, per Us Weekly. Jonas told Extra, "We had a great, beautiful few years together," but essentially said he was ready to move on. As for Culpo, she appeared more shaken by the breakup. Taking to Instagram to share her pain, she wrote, "Your heart just breaks."

However, that wasn't the last we'd hear about Culpo and Jonas as a couple. In 2016, Demi Lovato told Billboard she approved of the split because Culpo reportedly didn't make her friend laugh. "I go, 'Honestly, I didn't like her anyway,'" she admitted, then revealed she actually encouraged Jonas to call things off. "Listen, even when he was in a relationship, I was like, 'Get out of that. You could f*** anybody that you want right now, so have fun and do that,'" she confessed. Jump to 2018 and an insider told Us Weekly that Jonas texted his ex to reconcile, but she shut it down. "He treated her badly when they broke up," they said. Now, we're learning just how badly.

Olivia Culpo lost her identity while dating Nick Jonas

Olivia Culpo and her sisters, Aurora and Sophia, made their reality TV debut on November 7 when their series, "The Culpo Sisters," premiered on TLC. The show's first episode teased plenty of laughs, tears, and drama in the upcoming season. It also delivered a big dose of celebrity gossip as Culpo opened up about her past relationship with Nick Jonas. When producers pushed the former Miss Universe to talk candidly about her time dating the singer and their eventual breakup, she hesitated, per Page Six, but eventually divulged a slew of new details. Spoiler: They did not place Jonas in a flattering light.

Calling it a "very formative experience," Culpo recalled moving to Los Angeles to be with Jonas before she had made a name for herself. "I had no brand, no money and I was in love," she said. "That was great right, but when he broke up with me, I was kind of left with no sense of identity." She was crazy in love with the crooner and was sure they'd get married, but their time together was overshadowed by the fact that she was struggling. "I just remember night after night looking up at my ceiling in my apartment that I couldn't afford thinking to myself how am I going to pay my rent," she remembered. "I couldn't even afford my groceries." In the end, she used the hardship as a learning opportunity and vowed to never give up — and look at her now!