Things Were Reportedly Looking Up For Nick And Aaron Carter Before Aaron's Tragic Death

Aaron Carter and his older brother Nick Carter struggled for years to maintain a healthy, positive relationship. So of course when news broke that Aaron was found dead in his bathtub, his family was devastated. Nick, who is widely known for being a part of the boy band Backstreet Boys, first rose to fame in 1996 after the group became a teen phenomenon launching them to all-new heights in their career. As Nick's success continued to grow, his little brother was right behind him following in his footsteps. "He's always wanted me to do this job that I'm doing right now," an 11-year-old Aaron confessed in a 1998 interview with MTV News. "He just looks out for me a lot." 

However, although they shared a close bond when they were younger, things between the two got real messy. Aaron's drug addiction and mental health issues got in the way of their relationship at times; in 2019, Nick revealed he filed a restraining order against the "I Want Candy" singer. Nick alleged his brother confessed to having thoughts of "killing" his pregnant wife and unborn child. "We were left with no choice but to take every measure possible to protect ourselves and our family," Nick tweeted.

Aaron quickly denied the claims and in response severed ties with his older sibling. "Take care. Nick Carter we're done for life," he wrote. Although their relationship only grew worse over the years, it appears the brothers were on the road to redemption. 

Aaron Carter and Nick Carter reportedly made peace with each other

Aaron Carter was reportedly in better place with his older brother Nick Carter before his untimely death. "[Aaron] was on the path to making amends with so many people in his life, and he had made amends and made peace with Nick," a rep from Aaron's camp told Hollywood Life. "He looked up to Nick in so many ways. They were trying to make everything good again."

Although Nick's camp has yet to confirm whether or not that is true, Aaron recently gushed about his brother on social media which further speaks to the theory that they were possibly on good terms. On October 15, just a few weeks before the singer-turned-rapper died, TMZ captured a clip from one of his recent live stream's where praised Nick for having so much talent. In the video, Aaron is seen singing along to the Backstreet Boys' smash hit "Shape of My Heart" while riding around in his car. "He's a good f****** singer," Aaron said in reference to Nick. "I love my brother, I got your back bro." 

On November 6, during the Backstreet Boys' London concert, the group honored Aaron's life before their performance and Nick couldn't hold back the tears. Kevin Richardson said, "He was a part of our family and we thank you guys for all the love and all the well wishes and all the support.: