King Charles Appears Completely Unfazed By Public Egging

You'd think that getting pelted with raw eggs would elicit at least an "Oh dear" from the newly crowned British monarch, but King Charles appeared unfazed by his recent public egging. The king and Queen Consort Camilla were on an official visit to York, England, according to Page Six, when a protester threw four eggs in the couple's direction which, fortunately for them, missed. The protester, per Metro UK, was Extinction Rebellion activist Patrick Thelwell, who shouted, "This country was built on the blood of slaves." He was soon detained by police and escorted away.

Most people would probably be a bit thrown off if a stranger began hurling eggs and insults at their heads, but not King Charles. Surprisingly, the man who has become famous for overreacting to minor irritations like a faulty fountain pen was shockingly unbothered as eggs sailed past his earlobes. And yes, people on the internet noticed. 

Commenters were surprised by King Charles' blasé reaction to eggs

After a video of King Charles barely responding to a protester throwing eggs at his head began to go viral, commenters on Twitter immediately reacted to the king's surprisingly unbothered attitude. "He looks more puzzled that the solo protester is wasting good eggs," observed one person in a quote-tweet. "This is the same man who stared down someone firing two shots at him while idly adjusting his cuff links." Another person on Twitter agreed, writing, "Look at him not even phased, top bloke."

While most observers — including the in-person crowd who booed the egg-throwing protester — were impressed by Charles's calm reaction, others couldn't help but giggle at the situation. One person joked, "Shortly after this the king ordered all of his horses and all of his men to put those eggs back together again." Others applauded the person who threw the eggs, like the Twitter user who commented with an iconic Kim Kardashian meme, "It's what she deserves." Someone else pointed out the incident's timing, saying, "Sorry but an attempted stand-by-egging of Charles and Camilla and them getting booed the day S5 of 'The Crown' premieres is so funny to me."