Who Is Kyle Dickard From Below Deck Adventure?

Bravo's newest "Below Deck" franchise "Below Deck Adventure" has just begun, and deckhand Kyle Dickard is already making a splash. The show takes place in Norway, which is quite a departure from the other "Below Deck" shows which are filmed in the Caribbean, Australia, and the warm Mediterranean. "Below Deck Adventure" chief stew Faye Clark hinted at a lot of drama coming up due to the location. "I think 'Below Deck Adventure' is going to bring the audience something that they have never seen before. Like, they will see accidents happen, and they will see people get nervous, and they will see people coming out of their comfort zones, " she told ET.

All of the "Below Deck Adventure" cast has definitely experienced something new, as none of the crew members are from Norway. Dickard's Bravo profile reveals that he's from Texas and left at 19 years old to pursue his yachting career. The deckhand started out in The Bahamas and has never looked back from the boating world.

How Kyle Dickard started his career

Kyle Dickard first discovered his love of working at sea by starting in the sailing industry, per The Cinemoholic. His five years as a yachtie have taken him to many exotic locations such as Cuba, Thailand, Costa Rica, and South Africa. During his time as a deckhand, he met celebrities such as Jeff Ross and Iggy Azalea. In 2019, he shared a picture of himself with the stand-up comedian and wrote "One of the few people who can actually make me L.O.L."

A true outdoorsman, Dickard is an avid golfer and fisherman. "If you're looking for me on a Sunday I'm most likely on the green," he shared on Instagram. Another picture shows him on a boat with several large fish that he had caught. "Couldn't have cake on my birthday so I decided to improvise.." he captioned while pretending to take a bite out of one of the fish. While Dickard enjoys being cheeky with his humor, the "Below Deck Adventure" star is already rubbing his crewmates — and fans — the wrong way with his abrasive personality.

Viewers' first impressions of Kyle Dickard weren't great

From the get-go, Kyle Dickard entered "Below Deck Adventure" with an overconfident energy that many viewers thought was arrogant, per What To Watch. As a self-proclaimed "cowboy," he walked around expelling gas and wasn't scared to undermine his boss' authority. When Captain Kerry Titheradge ordered the bosun Lewis Lupton to take one of the deckhands on the tender to escort the guests off of the yacht, Dickard cornered Lupton and said, "You're taking me on the tender, b****." Lupton wasn't sure if Dickard was joking, but wasn't amused when the deckhand told him to "sleep with one eye open" if he didn't take him.

Dickard was also rude to his fellow deckhand Nathan Morley when he tried to explain what to do during the night shift. He overstepped yet again when he kissed stew Kasie Faddah on the cheek while encouraged by the charter guests. When Titheradge found out, he was not happy and many fans wondered if Dickard's time on the show would be a short one.

"[Dickard] needs to apologize to Nathan and Captain Kerry needs to fire Kyle," a fan tweeted. "Kyle's last name is extremely fitting," another tweeted. Another simply pleaded, "#belowdeckadventure fire #kyleDickard fire him now please!" With only two episodes in, it's yet to be determined if Dickard's attitude gets better or if he'll be the first one to get booted off the boat.