Zoe Kazan And Paul Dano Are Growing Their Family

It looks like Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano are adding another bundle of joy to their happy family. When it comes to relationship longevity in Hollywood, the two seasoned actors definitely take the cake. In 2007, the pair first met while starring in Ethan Hawke's play, "Things We Want," per Entertainment Weekly. After collaborating on the off-Broadway production, their love story officially took off. They moved in together and continued their working relationship on films like "Western Meek's Cutoff" and "Ruby Sparks."

In 2018, the lovebirds took a massive step in their relationship when the pair welcomed their first child in August, according to Page Six. Kazan took to Twitter, hinting at the couple's new addition. "Honestly, this fall is already an embarrassment of riches for Paul and me, and it hasn't even really started yet," she wrote (via Extra). After a couple of months of silence, Kazan and Dano finally confirmed their child's existence in an October interview with The Guardian. "There is a real baby. That's why I have my phone on. I'm checking on the sitter," Dano told the publication. Now it looks like the happy couple will welcome another child to their growing family.

Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano are expecting baby No. 2

Two years after the birth of their first child, Alma, Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano are gearing up for another bundle of joy. The exciting news was announced in a Marie Claire story, which featured "The Big Sick" star in a beautiful gown and an even more stunning baby bump. While Kazan refrained from opening up about her pregnancy during her interview, she did discuss her new project, "She Said," and the film's subject matter regarding motherhood.

"Everyone talks about work-life balance, but it's also really hard to balance your priorities," she said. "I wanted to be the person who took my daughter to her first day of preschool, and I couldn't do that because I felt like this job, this work was as important as that and vice versa." Toward the end of her statement, the "Ruby Sparks" star praised the film's script for having a character with a similar approach to motherhood.

Kazan isn't the only one to talk openly about the ups and downs of parenthood. In a 2018 interview with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show", Dano gave insight into navigating life as a new father. "I'm so tired, and I'm so in love. It's so extreme. Your heart has gone, like, supernova in one sense," he explained. "And then we landed from London last week, and she cried for, like, 24 hours, and you kind of just want to walk through a wall. It's crazy."