Hugh Jackman And Halle Berry Almost Quit A Famous Movie Together

Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman are highly respected, successful actors, so it's surprising to learn that a movie set was so toxic that it made the two of them nearly quit. Jackman and Berry have worked together on several projects throughout their careers, such as the 2001 film "Swordfish" and throughout the "X-Men" movie franchise as love interests Wolverine and Storm. But there was one specific production that was so bad that it almost had both of them walking out the door.

In recent years, many stars have come out with their own stories of terrible on-set behavior in the hopes of changing the status quo in Hollywood. For example, "Justice League" actor Ray Fisher tweeted in 2020 that co-director Joss Whedon's behavior during filming "was gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable." The Hollywood Reporter also uncovered that Whedon allegedly had a pattern of dismissing the cast and crew's problems with sexism and racial insensitivity in the film. He even "threatened" to tarnish Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot's career.

So, what went down on set with Berry and Jackson that had the stars ready to say sayonara?

Hugh and Halle were put in danger by X-Men director Bryan Singer

After the commercial success of the first "X-Men" movie in 2001, the Marvel franchise continued the series with 2003's "X2: X-Men United." The infamous Bryan Singer — who directed both films — was notorious for his inappropriate, erratic behavior and misconduct both on and off the "X-Men" set. But one dangerous incident on-set truly crossed the line.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, before filming a large stunt scene that featured the main cast — including actors Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman — a producer named Tom DeSanto attempted to stop production after discovering that Singer and other members of the crew were under the influence of drugs The director allegedly refused and continued filming the scene. Without a stunt coordinator in sight, the stunt went awry and left Jackman bloodied while on camera. DeSanto ultimately shut down production for the day, leading the studio to take Singer's side after the incident. When higher-ups told DeSanto to leave set, the cast went to Singer's trailer to protest. If DeSanto left, they were all leaving. This is when Berry allegedly told Singer, "You can kiss my Black a**."

The film premiered with the cast in tact and Singer would be replaced for the next film, but he has been followed by this toxic reputation and allegations of sexual assault ever since.

Halle and Hugh are huge fans of each other

Regardless of the nightmare that they went through together on the set of "X2: X-Men United," actors Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman are still expressing that they would like to work together. Who knew that the two were so fond of each other?

Ever since the end of the franchise in 2014 with "X-Men: Days of Future Past," the two actors haven't crossed paths on the silver screen. When Jackman returned to the role of Wolverine for 2017's "Logan," many fans were pulling for Berry to return and reprise the Storm and Wolverine romance. Alas, the stars didn't align, and Storm wasn't in "Logan." But, in a 2017 interview with ThrowbackStudioz, Jackman revealed that the "Catwoman" actor is the one former castmate who he would want to join the Wolverine story.

The feeling is definitely mutual, with Berry singing the praise of the Australian actor during an interview with Heart in February 2022. "I wanna work again with Hugh Jackman," she smiled. "He's one of my favorite actors I've ever worked with." She agreed when the interviewer added that the actors have "great chemistry." Someone needs to write this reunion movie ASAP!