Margot Robbie Confirms Female-Led Pirates Of The Caribbean Film Is Dead In The Water

It looks like we're not getting a female-led "Pirates of the Caribbean" anytime soon — or maybe ever.

Back in 2020, it was revealed that Margot Robbie would star in a female-fronted "Pirates of the Caribbean" film for Disney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Birds of the Prey" writer Christina Hodson was also reported to be attached to the project and tasked with writing the screenplay, making it the second project for the duo. The rest of the details were kept under wraps, but it's important to note that it was not intended to be a spinoff of the original series with Johnny Depp's character, Jack Sparrow, at the center of the story. Instead, it was slated to be a standalone project with a fresh plot and a new set of characters, albeit under the "Pirates" banner. What's more, the project was also meant to be separate from another reboot helmed by "Pirates" writer Ted Elliott and "Chernobyl" creator Craig Mazin.

No other news about the female-centered film surfaced in the last year or so, and as it turns out, it's because the project had been dropped altogether.

Disney doesn't want to do a female-led Pirates film

Margot Robbie confirms that Disney has decided not to pursue the female-fronted "Pirates of the Caribbean" project. Speaking with Vanity Fair, the "I, Tonya" star dished that the film was indeed in development a while back, but nothing came out of it.

"We had an idea and we were developing it for a while, ages ago, to have more of a female-led—not totally female-led, but just a different kind of story — which we thought would've been really cool," she explained, adding that the studio has since refused to move forward with the project. "But I guess they don't want to do it." What's interesting is that back in May, Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced all five "Pirates" films, confirmed that two separate scripts were in the works, including the one involving Robbie. "Yes. We're talking to Margot Robbie. We are developing two Pirates scripts — one with her, one without," he told The Sunday Times.

Fans were divided about Robbie stepping into the Johnny Depp franchise anyway. Besides, she has a lot on her plate now that she's producing on top of acting. She's set to star in "Babylon" alongside Brad Pitt, slated for release in December. Robbie is also set to appear in "Barbie," earning a paycheck that is sure to turn heads, and she's involved in an upcoming "Oceans Eleven" prequel both as an actor and director. Not too shabby, Robbie!