Why Tyler, The Creator Doesn't Drink Alcohol

Tyler, the Creator has had his fair share of controversial moments. With varying degrees of offenses, the rapper's no holds barred approach to voicing his opinion has been humorous, albeit contentious at times. When NFTs became a cultural phenomenon, Tyler didn't hold back when expressing his opinion on digital assets. "What the f**k is an NFT," he asked in an interview with Converse. "I paint at home. I play instruments ... none of the examples that I've seen is beautiful art."

Of course, this wasn't the only time Tyler divided fans with such a strong opinion. The "WusYaName" rapper counts himself among the many celebs that are proud to be sober, so don't expect him to have any embarrassing drinking stories. While many celebrities have taken their love of booze straight to the bank, including the new alcoholic business venture by Kendall Jenner, Tyler is a total square when it comes to the bottle. While there are plenty of reasons that stars refrain from drinking, some have struggled with addiction, while stars like Tyra Banks simply don't like the taste. So, why doesn't Tyler the Creator drink alcohol?

Tyler, the Creator isn't a fan of alcohol

Tyler, the Creator has been surprisingly candid when it comes to the reason he doesn't drink. During an interview with Converse, the rapper was asked what led to his decision to live a "straight-edge" lifestyle. "I just never wanted to drink," he responded. "It's just something that didn't interest me." The "See You Again" rapper elaborated further, adding, "I have an addictive personality ... so me being aware of that — if I ended up liking alcohol or some s**t — that would be the f**king downfall of me." The rapper certainly knows his limits. 

On multiple occasions, Tyler has made it clear that alcohol isn't exactly his cup of tea — if you will. In an interview with Fantastic Man (via Complex), he further explained his distaste for alcoholic beverages. "Why haven't you wrestled a tiger? I don't know. I just don't want to drink," he explained. "I know that I don't want to be that drunk guy."He added that he's never seen an intoxicated person and thought, "damn, I want to be that," which he says has led to him avoiding alcohol. Surprisingly, booze isn't the only thing Tyler is staying away from.

Tyler, the Creator really doesn't like this drug

Tyler, the Creator may not drink, but that's not the only intoxicating substance he has shied away from. The rapper has spoken frankly about his abstinence from marijuana after experiencing a few unpleasant experiences. "I been high before. All my friends smoke weed," he said (via Fader). "Last time was '09, New Year's Eve. Ate a weed brownie, worst time in my life. Not for T. This mind shouldn't have anything in it." He explained that the effects of the drug left him crying and wanting to die. 

In 2010, Tyler tweeted, "Drugs Arent Cool. It's So Funny That People Think I Intake Weed. I Hate Weed." He later repudiated the popular opinion that marijuana enhances an individual's creativity. "IF WEED MAKES PEOPLE SOOOO CREATIVE WHY IS EVERYONE DOING THE SAME S**T. IT BAFFLES ME," he wrote in 2013. At least one fan sided with the rapper, replying, "People use weed as an excuse to make crappy hip hop beats and write bad verses about weed."

The rapper isn't leaving fans guessing about his thoughts on substances, as he obviously prefers to live his life without marijuana and alcohol. So, don't count on seeing Tyler partaking in any mind-altering substances anytime soon.