Jay Leno Unveils More Troubling Details About His Scary Car Fire

It's no secret that Jay Leno is a car fanatic who has changed his career in recent years to really focus on his passion for cool rides. Unfortunately, that passion led to a scary accident that left Leno suffering from a serious injury

The former late night talkshow host was reportedly tinkering with one of his beloved automobiles inside his famed Los Angeles garage on Saturday, November 12 when a gasoline fire burned his face and hands. He was rushed to the Grossman Burn Center for immediate treatment and later confirmed the news to Variety himself. "I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire," he told the outlet, and assured fans he was doing alright. "Just need a week or two to get back on my feet." Indeed, Grossman Burn Center spokesperson Aimee Bennett told CNN that Leno was in stable condition and recovering well. "He is in good humor and is touched by all the inquiries into his condition and well wishes," she shared.

News of Leno's injury was first reported when he canceled his appearance at a financial conference in Las Vegas on Sunday. As People reported, attendees received an email explaining that "his family was not able to provide us very many details, but there was a very serious medical emergency that is preventing Jay from traveling." Now we know what that emergency was and we're learning new terrifying details about what really happened inside Leno's garage.

What is the extent of Jay Leno's burn injuries?

Despite Jay Leno's assurances that he'll be just fine in a few weeks, the accident he suffered inside his garage was serious, and scary. Speaking with TMZ, the comedian shared additional details about what actually happened while he was working on one of his over 180 cars

The "Jay Leno's Garage" star was hand-ons with his 1907 White Steam Car, trying to fix a clogged fuel line when gasoline sprayed onto his face and hands. That's when things took a turn for the worse. A spark caused the fuel to catch fire and set off an explosion, leaving Leno in flames. The former "Tonight Show" host might have lost his life had his friend not been there to put out the flames as quickly as possible.

Leno is now recovering in hospital with third-degree burns on the left side of his face, as well as his hands. As Mayo Clinic explains, these types of burns go below the skin layer and affect the fat layer underneath it. Due to their severity, Leno may require skin grafts to close the wound and may even require further surgery. He was lucky that his eyes and ears were not damaged. As Grossman Burn Center spokesperson Aimee Bennett told CNN, he's focusing on the positive, adding, "He wants to let everyone know he is doing well and is in 'the best burn center in the United States.'"