Below Deck: Inside Captain Kerry Titheradge's Relationship With Captain Lee Rosbach

"Below Deck Adventure" skipper Captain Kerry Titheradge is making waves. Bravo's spinoff series has viewers in awe of Titheradge's skill as the crew navigated the Norwegian fjords during its premier season. It's little wonder because he has 30 years of experience in the industry, per Bravo, and he appreciates all the adventures his career affords him. 

He told TV Insider that when he was first approached to do the show, he was intrigued because he wanted to do something different. He said, "The Caribbean, the Mediterranean, I've done that. I've been chased by pirates, been east of the Maldives, the coast of Africa. These are things I've already done. Going to these adventurous locations with adventurous guests who want to get amongst it ... I absolutely love adventure. I just came back from Turkey and two weeks ago I was paragliding on the biggest mountain. Absolutely amazing."

Therefore, when Titheradge got the chance to be a part of the "Below Deck" franchise, he grabbed the opportunity. In an interview with Decider, he explained, "I've got great memories of both and have been to many other places all over the world, but I hadn't been to Norway ... It was a challenge." Did someone say, adrenaline junkie? 

Although Titheradge loves changing it up with new trips and challenges, he also seems to value personal relationships. In fact, he has known fellow "Below Deck" Captain Lee Rosbach for a very long time.

Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Kerry Titheradge come a long way

The original "Below Deck" skipper Captain Lee Rosbach has been charming audiences with his dry humor and one-liners since 2013. Newcomer, Captain Kerry Titheradge only joined the "Below Deck" franchise in November, per Bravo Insider, but he's known Rosbach for a long time. Despite Titheradge hailing from Australia, it seems as if these two skippers have plenty in common. Not only do Rosbach and Captain Kerry Titheradge both run tight ships, but they're firm friends too. 

In fact, Titheradge sought Rosbach's opinion when he was offered the chance to star in "Below Deck Adventure." While attending BravoCon 2022, Titheradge revealed (via Bravo Insider), "When it came, the opportunity to do this, I gave Lee a call and asked him if would he do it again if he had to redo his time? He said, 'One hundred percent.'" Titheradge and Rosbach have known each other for about a decade after they met at a golf tournament.

Titheradge initially had some doubts about the Bravo show. He told TV Insider, "The first few seasons of the show I didn't agree with at all. I worked on some of the biggest yachts in the world, and there is no way in hell they want anyone to know about their private doings on board. As the seasons went on, I really started seeing people looking at this differently." Rosbach's advice sealed the deal for Titheradge, who then agreed to skipper the Mercury.

Captain Kerry Titheradge has budding friendships with other captains too

Captain Kerry Titheradge first met Captain Lee Rosbach at a golf tournament, per Bravo Insider, and a decade later, they are still friends. It seems as if Titheradge may be one of those people who are easy to relate to. In fact, he and Captain Sandy Yawn have teamed up for a charity event in aid of students, per Instagram. He wrote, "Come join us on December 17 for #captainsandrayawn #charity event, to help give students access to #maritime #studies."

Titheradge has also seemingly hit it off with "Below Deck Down Under" Captain Jason Chambers. He took to Instagram to share a selfie of himself and Chambers, penning, "Night before #bravocon having a few beers with captain Jason from #belowdeckdownunder." Titheradge explained to Decider that while he had not previously met Chambers before BravoCon 2022, there's a particular code for Australians when they meet while abroad. He said, "I hadn't met him before, but Aussies get on when they meet other Aussies. We just do. Maybe not as much as back in Australia, but when we travel, we're mates instantly." It seems as if the unwritten rule may have benefitted both captains. He told TV Insider that there was another reason they connected. The Aussie said, "Jason [Chambers] and I have very good mutual friends." With Titheradge on board, it seems as if fans are in for some smooth sailing this season.