Below Deck Down Under: What We Know About Captain Jason Chambers' Love Life

"Below Deck Down Under" chronicles the lives of young and attractive yachties onboard a luxurious ship as they cater to the whims of demanding charter guests, but now, viewers seem to have the hots for Captain Jason Chambers. "Captain is just hot," stewardess Tumi Mhlongo confessed at the beginning of the trailer for the spinoff.

"Below Deck Mediterranean" alum Aesha Scott even told E! News that guests are trying to vie for the captain's attention, too. "The ladies just love him!" she dished. "Even girls that come on and they have boyfriends are very much trying to get his attention. And most of the girls on the crew, as well. He was kind of wanted by everyone and everything." It helps that he's also a competent captain who has his team's best interest at heart. "He's not like any other captain I've ever worked with," she added. "He's so hands-on and part of the team and he's just like a big brother and I think he just brought a completely different vibe to the season."

With everyone and their mother crushing on Captain Chambers, it's not surprising that many are also wondering about his love life. As it turns out, the New Zealand native is very much single — or is he?

Captain Jason Chambers wants to keep his relationship status private

As far as the world knows, Captain Jason Chambers is single, but his actual relationship status remains a secret. According to Heavy, he's not open about his love life, but he does like to show off his parenting skills.

He frequently share photos of his daughter on his Instagram page. "My ride or die. No better feeling in the world than spending time with your little one," he wrote in one of his posts, along with a picture of him and his daughter riding a motorcycle. He also shared how much he misses his daughter whenever he's cruising the high seas. "Life of a captain/father. Work leave work leave heart full heart empty," he said. "Only thing to work for is your family's happiness. Being a parent delivers such a purpose that's never for your own needs..."

Fans might also be surprised to know that Australia is not Captain Chambers' home base. He apparently owns a resort situated in Ocam Ocam in the Philippines, where his mom and daughter also live. He spends most of his time there when he's not working, helping run the villas and bonding with his family.

Captain Jason Chambers is open to dating his stews

Perhaps the reason why Captain Jason Chambers doesn't share anything about his love life on social media is that he doesn't have one in the first place! In an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" with Bravo boss Andy Cohen, Chambers was put on the hot seat when asked whether there's a possibility of him dating one of his stews.

"Would you ever consider dating one of your stews?" Cohen asked outright, to which Chambers responded, "Yes, of course." The revelations didn't stop there, though. The captain went on to note what he likes in women, his turn-ons, and whether or not he's a fan of getting hot and heavy in public spaces. He said that the first thing he notices about a woman are her eyes, and that he finds "slow touching" a turn-on. And sex in public places? He thinks it's "hot."

Chambers' goal now, however, is not to date, but to hustle for his family instead. "There are many captains and first officers out there that have worked so hard and so long to get where they are. You followed this life of adventure and being a pirate and explorer, but when you have a family, it's like, oh, wow. What do we do?" he told Decider. "Every step we take, we are just trying to give them a better life and to see them as much as possible. Our biggest dream to just sit back and look at the world with our families one day."