The Tragic Death Of Survivor: Nicaragua Star Dan Lembo

"Survivor: Nicaragua" star Dan Lembo died on September 3 at the age of 75. A cause of death was not revealed but according to his obituary, he died in his Manhattan home. Lembo joined the Season 21 cast of "Survivor" in 2010 at 63 years old, per People. The Brooklyn native competed as best as he could and although he struggled on the show, he quickly became a fan favorite for his perseverance and vibrant personality. "I didn't play 'Survivor' for money," he told the outlet. "I'm the type of guy who sees a challenge and thinks, 'I could do that.' So I wanted to be part of this crazy game — and I did pretty well, I'd say. I made it really far."

Lembo made it all the way to the final five after getting axed on Day 37. Although he didn't win, the television star has always spoken highly about his experience on the show. "It worked out great," he said during an interview with Reality Wanted. "Everything about the show is great, I mean the way they run it — it's just amazing." 

As Lembo's close family and friends continue to mourn his loss, "Survivor" fans have already started to share their condolences.

Survivor fans are saddened by another contestant's death

It's been a few days since the tragic death of "Survivor" star Roger Sexton was reported, and now fans of the franchise are saddened by yet another untimely death. "RIP to an enigmatic character from Nicaragua who gave us alligator shoes, giant chairs, an all-time jury speech, and a surprisingly tender family visit," one fan wrote. "Being dead for two months unbeknownst to the wider community is SUCH a dan lembo thing to do," another joked. "RIP mysterious expensive-footwear king." 

Although Dan Lembo died in September, one fan is surprised that the news is just now coming to light. "I can't believe this didn't become public knowledge soon enough," she wrote. According to Lembo's obituary, he is survived by his sons Matthew and Michael, two daughter-in-laws, five grandchildren, and his ex-wife. 

"Thank you for being my Dad. You were a happy person. You were my best friend. I will miss you. Love you, Dad," Matthew wrote online. His brother Michael added, "Dad, No matter the situation, you were always there for me. You were my first phone call. You were my travel buddy ... I will miss you."