Tom Brady Just Gave Justin Jefferson The Highest Compliment

NFL icon Tom Brady has praised emerging talent Justin Jefferson after his sensational November 13th game. When it comes to football legends, Brady definitely has a spot on the list. While some players grow into their stardom, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player started his career on a high note. According to The Sportster, Brady made waves after he became the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft — which many have regarded as the biggest draft steal in NFL history.

Since that fateful day, the father of three has made history as one of the most awarded and record-breaking players in the league. According to NBC Sports, In 2021, Brady became the fourth quarterback to defeat all 32 teams in the NFL. He's also been awarded three MVP awards and has won the Super Bowl not once but seven times in his 22-year career. "To be able to do it for as long as I have is really an incredible blessing in my life," he said in a post-game interview with USA Today. While Brady is showing no signs of slowing down his history-making career, he has recently set aside time to praise other players in the industry like Jefferson.

Tom Brady praises Justin Jefferson for his history making catch

While Tom Brady is considered one of the most talented NFL players in history, the beloved quarterback still takes the time to give other players flowers. On November 13, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson made waves during the team's game against the Buffalo Bills. At the end of the final quarter, the Louisiana native shocked fans when he performed a one-handed 32-yard catch –– delivering a touchdown that helped the Vikings secure an exhilarating 33-30 overtime victory.

According to ESPN, the team had only a 6% chance of taking the game before the show-stopping play. In the days following the history-making catch, fans and industry professionals praised Jefferson, including Brady. "A one-handed catch in coverage. Fourth and 18. On the road. End up winning the game. That has got to be one of the greatest catches in NFL history," the Tampa Buccaneers player said during his "Let's Go!" podcast.

Brady wasn't the only NFL legend to comment on Jefferson's amazing play. Former Vikings player Sammy White also described it as "one of the greatest catches" he's ever seen. "The way his body was laid out and to come down on his back, that was sensational," he said (via Star Tribune). "You will have a few that qualify as the [greatest catch ever], but that one is going to be right up there with them." Football broadcaster and former NFL player Louis Riddick echoed similar sentiments, tweeting: "The young man is a terminator."