Zoë Kravitz Explains Her Major Change Of Heart About Her Tattoos

Many things make Zoë Kravitz stand out. One is her frame. Standing at 5-foot-2, per Insider, Kravitz effortlessly combines impeccable genes from her mother Lisa Bonet and father Lenny Kravitz to make for a timeless beauty. But while the "Batman" actor has one of those looks that command a second and maybe even third glance, she insists her beauty has nothing to do with what we can see. "To me, beauty is an attitude, you know?" she once told Byrdie. "When I see someone who is comfortable in their own skin and knows who they are, I think that's gorgeous."

However hardly can there be a mention of Kravitz's looks without spotlighting one of the many things that make her even cooler — her tattoos. To the "High Fidelity" star, getting inked is not for mere aesthetics — it is an expression of self. "I think the fact that they're permanent is such a wonderfully intense thing," Kravitz said during a 2018 interview with InStyle. "It's a deep way to adorn yourself, and I think they're beautiful aesthetically. Even if you get a bad tattoo, it's like ... that's where you were at that time." These days though, Kravitz is feeling a little different — but all for a good reason.

Zoë Kravitz no longer needs some of her tattoos

Nothing lasts forever — not even Zoë Kravitz's tattoos. Speaking to GQ in a recent interview, Kravitz, who turns 34 in December opened up about the reality of getting older and realizing she has to let go of a lot of things from her younger days — including a number of delicate tattoos from the collection she has racked up through the years. "I'm like, 'I don't need this on my body," the actor said.

Kravitz, who at some point reportedly had over 50 tattoos, has previously gushed about her love for getting inked. "I think tattoos are a beautiful form of adornment, just like makeup or jewelry," the "Batman" star told InStyle in August 2021. "It's funny because I don't even know how many I have. I hardly see them anymore because I am so used to them. Once you're into it, it's hard to stop." she added. But even then, the actor hinted at getting some of the inks removed as she admitted to liking some more than others.

Though Kravitz shares that the fading star tattoo on her middle finger will be removed, it remains uncertain what other pieces from her collection she would be getting rid of. Whatever she does, this actor's cool girl status is one that will remain. Ink or not, Zoë Kravitz will forever be that cool girl!