Who Is Chef Jessica Condy From Below Deck Adventure?

"Below Deck Adventure" certainly signed "Below Deck" fans up for just that — an adventure. The new "Below Deck" spin-off hit Bravo at the beginning of November 2022 and has already made a splash with fans.

"Below Deck Adventure" follows Captain Kerry Titheradge and his crew as they sail around Norway. According to Bravo, "Below Deck Adventure" is the first series to take on glacial waters and landscapes — rather than warm water territory. And when taking on new waters, there's no doubt there will be some drama. The series is only a few episodes in and it didn't take long before fans got a glimpse at the clashing personalities on the ship. "There's a lot of drama going on. There's some people that I wish I had fired," Titheradge said, per Bravo. "No regrets."

While Titheradge didn't reveal which member he wished he would have fired, fans suspected that one crew member Titheradge hinted at was Kyle Dickard. But after Chef Jessica Condy also found herself coming under fire — literally — many are wondering if Condy is the one on the chopping block. Only time will tell whether or not Condy is at risk of being fired this season, but either way, it's left fans wondering more about Condy. 

Jessica Condy developed a passion for food at a young age

Jessica Condy is the one calling all the shots in the kitchen on "Below Deck Adventure." But that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing for her and her cooking. Instead, Condy constantly finds herself at odds with the crew and wonders how she ended up in this place.

Condy found her love of cooking when she was only 12 years old. While cooking was a passion of hers from a young age, Condy revealed she hid her love of cooking because it was different. The aspiring chef instead went on to study marketing and finance in college before getting a regular 9-to-5 job. But Condy said it didn't take long before she knew she had to get back into cooking. From there, Condy began traveling the world before studying at the Bally Maloe Cookery School and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Condy then took her passion for cooking and traveling and began her career as a professional travel chef.

"I just did it. I went for it, I took the leap of faith and jumped right in and figured it out," Condy wrote on Instagram. "I have never felt so alive. I was sharing my passion one meal at a time. This was pure joy." While traveling and cooking are two things that fuel Condy, joining "Below Deck Adventure" put Condy to the test — and left her feeling like a fish out of water. 

Inside Jessica Condy's missteps on Below Deck Adventure

While Chef Jessica Condy's schooling taught her how to prepare the perfect meal, it didn't teach her how to deal with the crew members on "Below Deck Adventure."

In an episode of "Below Deck Adventure," Condy finds herself in over her head after the breakfast she makes doesn't impress the crew. For example, one yacht guest named Lauran was given a plate of eggs that she didn't like. "I don't like these," Lauran said to the crew, per Bravo, "Can I do the more well-done?" Not only that, another guest was also unhappy after they were handed the wrong breakfast, prompting a displeased reaction from the guest. As the crew works to get back to the kitchen to fix the situation, Condy immediately becomes overwhelmed. Not only that, while trying to heat the stove to begin fixing the food — and her unhappy guests — Condy then puts her hand on the hot surface, causing an even more stressful situation. 

While the moment is undoubtedly suspenseful for Condy, she revealed those moments are all a part of the journey — and something she's used to. "Sometimes the way you thought it would work out or the way you've been forcing, isn't the way that is actually best for your highest good," Condy said. "Learning to embrace the twists and turns requires deep surrender and whole lot of self-love."