Craig Conover Spills When He Plans To Propose To Paige DeSorbo

The Bravo-verse churns out relationships and marriages from their reality shows left and right. For example, "Summer House" viewers have watched Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke's relationship go through its ups and downs on the show until the pair married in 2021. And it looks like there may be another Bravo-lebrity marriage on the horizon.

"Southern Charm" star Craig Conover and fashionista Paige DeSorbo first became entwined when they both appeared on Season 4 of "Summer House" in 2019, where they developed initial crushes on each other, per People. The two would continue to be just friends until they reconnected during the break after they filmed Season 1 of "Winter House" together. DeSorbo and Conover announced their official relationship in October 2021, and the reality stars have been long-distance dating ever since.

With Conover staying in South Carolina and the fashion contributor in New York City, he admitted to Page Six that the distance is challenging, but they are in it for the long haul. The lawyer is now saying a proposal could come sooner than we think!

Craig predicts he will propose to Paige within the next year

A little more than a year after Bravo stars Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo began dating, the "Southern Charm" alum revealed that he plans to get down on one knee sooner rather than later. Conover and his buddy, "Winter House's" Kory Keefer, appeared on November 17's episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" to answer their boss's pressing questions about the relationship.

"How long before Craig proposes to Paige?" Cohen asked. "More than a year or less than a year?" The two simultaneously responded with Keefer answering "more" and Conover actually declaring "less!" The reality star further revealed that he imagines the proposal could take place "hopefully ... before Thanksgiving" next year.

This isn't too surprising since Conover and DeSorbo have publicly discussed the possibility of getting married. During a joint interview with Bravo in May, the couple revealed that "the one thing [they] disagree on" is wedding planning. While the Southern boy wants a beach wedding in the Bahamas, the fashionista desires a more black-tie "Met Gala" vibe. Opposites attract, after all.