Celebrities Megyn Kelly Can't Stand

It's safe to say that Megyn Kelly isn't shy when it comes to expressing her opinions, which is why she rarely holds back when discussing people she doesn't like. The outspoken journalist has been no stranger to controversy ever since she first rose to fame in 2004 as a Fox News correspondent. She eventually got her own show, "The Kelly File," in 2013, but left Fox News in 2017 for NBC. There she hosted "Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly" and the third hour of the "Today" show called, "Megyn Kelly Today." 

These days though, Kelly is hosting "The Megyn Kelly Show" podcast since her hour on "Today" was canceled in 2018 after she defended doing blackface for a Halloween costume. That wasn't the only time Kelly came under fire there, either, as she also made an inappropriate gay joke when interviewing the cast of "Will and Grace." The show's star Debra Messing later wrote on Instagram, "Honestly I didn't know it was MK until that morning ... Regret going on." 

There are many people in show business, like Messing, who openly disapprove of Kelly. However, there's a slew of celebrities that the news personality appears to despise in return, like Meghan Markle. "She was a social climber," Kelly declared on her podcast in 2022. In another episode, Kelly said, "She was outed for the conniving, manipulative empty suit she is," adding, "this women is a fraud." It's clear that Kelly isn't afraid to call out anyone, so let's break down those stars she particularly can't stand.

Megyn Kelly believes Kim Kardashian is 'evil'

Megyn Kelly has made it very clear that she's not a fan of the Kardashians and has gone as far as to suggest that they're evil. In October 2022, Kelly took to her podcast, "The Megyn Kelly Show" to denounce the family, explaining, "The unrivaled vanity, like, the self-promotional, out-of-control focus on oneself ... they're hugely responsible for that in our society."

Kelly interviewed the Kardashians herself before on "Today" in 2017 where she asked if they were a force of good or evil because of the unattainable image they promote. While Kim pointed out their positive impact in her response, looking back at it, Kelly completely disagrees. "The more I've watched them over the years, the more I think that it's evil," she said. She continued, "That's what I object to, is their disgusting vanity."

You could say Kelly dislikes Kim the most, since she made it a point to later kick her when she was down after Kardashian got booed by fans when attending a LA Rams game. Kelly dished on another podcast episode, "I do not feel empathetic toward Kim Kardashian." She added, "Every time I open my paper, there she is again ... What are we celebrating? Her enormous fake a**? Her extreme plastic surgery." Kelly also persisted that Kim orchestrates all of her publicity, including her sex tape, by calling the paparazzi, and later photoshops those photos but denies doing it. She even said Kim exploits her own children but plays the victim. Yikes.

She called out Jane Fonda

Megyn Kelly and Jane Fonda's dislike for one another started in 2017 after Fonda appeared on "Megyn Kelly Today." That's because Kelly asked Fonda about the plastic surgery she had done. Fonda looked completely taken aback by Kelly's question, responding, "We really want to talk about that now?," before turning the focus onto the movie she was promoting. Later, when asked about the interaction by Variety, Fonda threw shade at Kelly saying, "It was so inappropriate. It showed that she's not that good an interviewer."

Fonda wasn't done after that either, considering that when appearing on "Today" months later, she made a salty comment about Kelly after a face lift joke. Of course, Kelly wasn't going to take all of that, and took to her show to blast Fonda. She dished, "Most older women look nothing like Fonda," adding, "And if Fonda really wants to have an honest discussion about older women's cultural face, then her plastic surgery is tough to ignore." Kelly went on to say that she had no regrets for asking that question and wasn't interested in a lesson on appropriateness from Fonda.

Kelly wasn't done there though considering that she brought up Fonda's controversial past too. "This is a woman who's name is synonymous with outrage," Kelly claimed, before giving examples of Fonda's attitude toward the military during the Vietnam War. "She still says she's not proud of America. So, the moral indignation is a little much," Kelly added. Clearly, there were some pretty hard feelings.

Megyn Kelly feuded with Donald Trump

Perhaps Megyn Kelly's most famous feud was with former President Donald Trump which was sparked by one of her questions during a 2015 Republican presidential debate. According to ABC News, it was when Kelly said to him, "You've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals." Trump apparently took issue with that and tweeted insults at Kelly, writing, "Wow, @megynkelly really bombed tonight." He didn't stop there though and later threw shade at her while on CNN, saying, "There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever."

While Kelly was presumably offended by his comments, she later told ABC News that it was about more than just what he said. She explained, "He was so very focused on me that I became the story ... you never want to be the story when you're a news person." She later revealed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that his attacks made her realize she didn't want to work in a toxic environment at Fox News. "Donald Trump has a way of clarifying one's life choices," she said.

Kelly seemingly doesn't regret her feud with Trump, even though it may have hurt her career because some of her fans felt betrayed. Yet, that doesn't mean she's okay with what he did either. She told The Daily Caller in 2020, "I'm not gonna say it wasn't affecting me while he was doing it. Because it was not pleasant, and it did have real consequences in my life."

Megyn Kelly criticized Naomi Osaka

Megyn Kelly apparently didn't agree with tennis star Naomi Osaka's choice to not do press during the 2021 French Open to protect her mental health. Yet, it seems Kelly was even more bothered by the fact that Osaka went on to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, which Kelly felt was hypocritical. She took to Twitter to blast Osaka, retweeting sports analyst Clay Travis, who wrote, "Since saying she's too introverted to talk to the media after tennis matches, Naomi Osaka has launched a reality show, a Barbie, and now is on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue." Kelly then commented on the tweet, "Let's not forget the cover of (& interview in) Vogue Japan and Time Mag!"

Osaka seemingly noticed that Kelly was judging her and clapped back in a tweet she later deleted where she questioned Kelly's journalism skills, per Buzzfeed. Osaka suggested Kelly didn't do her research since she'd actually shot all those magazine covers a year earlier. Osaka even added, "Your first reaction is to hop on here and spew negativity, do better Megan," before blocking Kelly.

It's pretty evident that Osaka's response had only fired up Kelly more. That's because she then tweeted, "Poor @naomiosaka blocked me while taking a shot at me (guess she's only tough on the courts), adding, "Truth is she just doesn't like Qs she can't control. Admit it." It appears for whatever reason, Osaka's actions bugged Kelly and she wanted her feelings to be known.

She thinks Colin Kaepernick is 'racist'

Megyn Kelly has taken issue with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick on more than one occasion considering that she seemingly completely disagrees with most things he does. In 2020, for example, she was enraged when he tweeted, "There is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against Black and Brown people for the expansion of American imperialism." Kelly, who's not usually one to keep quiet when she disapproves of something, then commented, "​​Because everything is racist. Everything. Even fighting back against terrorists who kill Americans. Nike, feeling proud?"

While Kaepernick and Nike seemingly ignored Kelly, filmmaker Ava DuVernay defended him in her own tweet, shaming Kelly. Yet this just gave Kelly more incentive to double down on her attacks on Kaepernick, with her tweeting to DuVernay, "No, I will not be shamed over calling out bullsh** claims of racism."

Kelly didn't just bash Kaepernick on Twitter though. When she was later appalled by him comparing the NFL draft to slavery in his 2021 Netflix series, "Colin in Black & White," she criticized him on her podcast, "The Megyn Kelly Show." She divulged, "He's insane ... He really is a racist guy and he hates our country." She even claimed that his show had made it clear that he was in fact a racist, and questioned how he got the series in the first place. "To compare that willing and usually dream come true moment for an NFL football player to slavery? How does this wind up on Netflix?" she said.

Megyn Kelly complained about Bill O'Reilly

It seems Megyn Kelly detested her former co-worker Bill O'Reilly enough to complain about him when they worked at Fox News. The mother-of-three later shared her grievance after O'Reilly claimed a report by The New York Times about his sexual harassment lawsuit was false. He asserted that no woman had ever complained about him to human resources, which an outraged Kelly later negated on "Today," saying, "I know because I complained."

Kelly went on to share how she complained to Fox New's co-presidents in November 2016. It was the same day her book, "Settle For More" came out, which detailed her sexual harassment from the network's former CEO Roger Ailes. Kelly explained on "Today" that O'Reilly had been on CBS News that day and was agitated when asked about her book because he felt it made his network look bad. That apparently angered Kelly enough to email a complaint, writing, "Perhaps he didn't realize the kind of message his criticism sent to young women across this country about how men continue to view the issue of speaking out about sexual harassment." She even called him out on "his own history of harassment of women."

Yet Kelly wasn't done there, considering that she lambasted O'Reilly again when on "Late Night With Seth Meyers." "Ask yourself who keeps thank-you notes from nine years earlier and puts them in a file just in case he needs them?" she said. Despite their past as colleagues, Kelly made it clear she was done with him.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Megyn Kelly called Tiffany Cross a 'moron'

It appears Megyn Kelly can't help but denounce people that annoy her even when a situation doesn't necessarily involve her. And that's exactly what the former Fox News correspondent did to MSNBC host Tiffany Cross after Cross suggested on her show that Samoan Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is Black. Cross had done so when criticizing the NFL after Tagovailoa got hurt during a September 2022 football game. She shared, per Mediaite, "To see all these Black men crashing into each other with a bunch of White owners, White coaches, and the complete disregard for Black bodies and Black life ... it just represents a larger issue."

These comments infuriated Kelly who then took to her own podcast, "The Megyn Kelly Show" to call Cross a "moron" because Tagovailoa isn't Black. Kelly dished, "You dumb***, Tiffany Cross. She's the most racist person on television." She continued to fire shots at Cross by adding, "His coach is mixed race ... I guess in Tiffany's world that's white ... this person sees everything through a 'it's racist' prism."

Cross clearly doesn't like Kelly either, so she wasn't afraid to fire back at Kelly on her show, calling her "the blackface expert," per Yahoo!. Cross even went on to say, "Honestly, guys, the Jesus and Santa are white lady is not going to claw her way back to social relevance on my show." At this point, it's pretty clear that Kelly can dish it, but hopefully she can take it too after Cross's scorching response.

She shaded Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

Megyn Kelly's apparent dislike for Jennifer Lopez and Shakira was sufficient enough to blast them on her podcast, "The Megyn Kelly Show" over two years after they offended her. That's because in October 2022, Kelly criticized their Super Bowl halftime performance (which happened in 2020), suggesting she held quite the grudge. Yet she had a problem with more than their show, since she bashed the women personally by saying, "I object to like J.Lo and Shakira showing their vag at the Super Bowl, like I don't want that." Kelly wasn't alone in that, though, since The New York Post reported that the concert received some hate. One person even tweeted, "Not appropriate for kids at a Super Bowl halftime show. Just J Lo's outfits in general."

It seems Kelly has a problem with Lopez and Shakira particularly since she added, "I don't really object to just women embracing their bodies or showing up their bodies like the pictures." She went on to praise former supermodel Paulina Porizkova for her naked photos on her social media, which seemed contradictory. Yet Kelly gushed, "She showed her bottom [and] she looks amazing."

With that said, it's clear Kelly just can't stand some celebrities whether she has a reason to or not. Regardless, it can be assumed that when another famous person does rub her the wrong way in the future, she'll definitely make it known in any way she can.