Why LPBW's Zach And Tori Roloff Are Concerned About Their Son Jackson

TLC's "Little People, Big World" gave us an inside scoop on the lives of the Roloff family. There's Tori and Zach Roloff, and while they seem like a match made in heaven, fans have spotted some weird things about their relationship. They certainly seem to enjoy the spotlight and court fame. They also had a big fight about their wedding venue and Tori joked, "I've always said that when Zach and I get married, I'm going to get two signs, and it's going to say 'Mrs. Right' and 'Mr. Always Right'" (via Us Weekly). So Zach certainly seems to be in charge.

There are also some intense family feuds between the Roloffs. Zach does not get along with his dad's girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, and has made no effort to hide his feelings about her. While he's got an ongoing feud going with Caryn and dad, Matt Roloff, he seems to get along well with his brother, Jeremy Roloff. But the latest story about Zach and Tori has nothing to do with family feuds. They share three children, Jackson, Josiah, and daughter Lilah — and they are quite worried about Jackson.

Zach worries about achondroplasia breaking down Jackson's confidence

In a TLC clip for "Little People, Big World" shared to Twitter on November 21, Zach and Tori Roloff discussed their son, Jackson, who was born with achondroplasia, per People. In the clip, Zach speaks to Tori about their son: "I feel like he is getting closer to realizing like he is different ... when it comes to Jackson being different, I don't think he's caught on yet. We haven't had the talk yet about how we're different than everyone else." Tori agreed and said that Jackson doesn't seem to have fully processed it yet. "I think he's gathered these people are like dad, grandma, and grandpa ... but they're not like me," she said.

Zach went on, "I worry about like, he's so proud of himself and has such confidence in himself and sees himself so highly ... I hope that doesn't break him down." In a touching moment of vulnerability, Zach shared about his own childhood. "That's like the sad part of the transition of being a dwarf and then recognizing, I belong here ... and then you slowly ... I'm being left behind and you can't catch up," he said.

Jackson had surgery in 2021, according to People, to correct the bow in his legs, and in November, a fan asked for an update on Jackson's recovery. "[H]e's good, it's tough because the screws in his legs help straighten the leg as he grows," Zach replied, saying it'll be "awhile" before they see the difference.