Zach Roloff Makes His Opinion On Father Matt's Girlfriend Loud And Clear

"Little People, Big World" gives us an inside scoop on the lives of Zach and Tori Roloff. They are proud parents to their three kids, Josiah, Lilah, and Jackson, per People. Tori gave an adorable update on their youngest, Josiah, on October 2, 2022. "Mom and dad are looking forward to days of not being woken up at 4am but we're trying to love every stage of this guys life because he truly is the best baby ever!! We love you Josiah Luke!" she wrote.

While the family is in a cloud of joy with their kids, there's been a rift in their extended family, thanks to an ongoing feud between Zach and his father, Matt Roloff. The feud has expanded to include Matt's girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, and it seems that the four of them just don't see things eye to eye. Thankfully, the whole family hasn't been swept up in it. Zach and his brother Jeremy Roloff appear to still get along just fine. Despite this peaceful link, Zach and Tori have no intention of welcoming Caryn into their world, especially when it comes to their children. The rift started when Zach Roloff and his dad, Matt Roloff, got into a fight over the family farm.

Zach says that Matt and Caryn 'think they did nothing wrong'

Zach and Tori offered to buy a portion of the farm because they didn't agree with some of Matt's decisions. Zach felt his father Matt inflated the price and made the purchase prohibitively expensive for the young couple. In a clip from "Little People, Big World" from May 2022, Zach said of his dad, "All of a sudden, he's making excuses and reasons why we're not good enough to run the farm." Zach said that he was really offended by the situation and that his dad's girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, got overly involved.

The rift has not been remedied. In a TLC clip from November 7, 2022, Zach said that he has no plans to introduce his youngest son, Josiah, to Caryn. "It's been over two weeks since we brought Josiah home ... Pretty much all of my immediate family has met Josiah now, but we don't have plans for Caryn to meet Josiah," Zach said.

Caryn also spoke up in the clip. "I don't feel welcome," she said, and added to Matt, "I don't know how it fell apart so bad," Matt admitted that he doesn't understand why there's so much animosity directed at his girlfriend. "Caryn's getting a lot of blame from Zach and Tori, and I don't think it's deserved." However, for Zach, this is part of the problem. "They still think they did nothing wrong," he said. It looks like nobody's backing down from this feud.