Sinbad's Family Announces Health Update Two Years After Stroke

Sinbad was an incredibly popular star in the '90s, appearing in hits like "Jingle All the Way" and "First Kid" — just to name a few (via IMDb). And let's be honest, with a name like Sinbad, who could ever forget the guy? Sadly in 2020, the actor experienced some really scary health woes that changed his entire life. "It is out of sincere love that we share Sinbad, our beloved husband, and father, is recovering from a recent stroke," Sinbad's family revealed in a statement to Variety at the time. They also made sure to ask fans for "prayers" during such a difficult time, while also asking for privacy. 

In December 2020, a little less than a month after they revealed Sinbad had suffered a stroke in the first place, Sinbad's family took to Instagram to share an update on the star's recovery. The post included a video as well as a lengthy caption. "We are happy to report that he continues to recover and is getting better every single day," they wrote, once again thanking Sinbad's fans for all of the "well wishes, calls, texts, cards, flowers, but especially your prayers." Additionally, they made sure to give thanks to the doctors and nurses who aided in the star's recovery.

Since then, the family has remained pretty quiet on social media, with just seven posts from December 2020 through 2022. However, their eighth update proved to be one of the most informative and shared a glimpse into Sinbad's health.

Sinbad is still learning to walk

Since Sinbad suffered a stroke in 2020, fans have been wondering what the movie star's health is like today. Luckily, his family members took to Instagram to provide his loyal followers with the update we have all been waiting for. The November 21, 2022, post included a black-and-white photo of the star using a walker. To accompany the upload, they also shared a lengthy caption, that, first and foremost, thanked his fans for all of the "love and support" that he has received over the years.

The family explained that since many wanted to stay in the loop, they created a website with up-to-date information. The site included a summary of the star's health issues, including how the odds of surviving a stroke — as well as all the complications that came with it — like the one the movie star had, were just 30 percent. "His progress is nothing short of remarkable. Limbs that were said to be "dead" are coming alive, and he's taking the steps necessary to learn to walk again," the family wrote. "In his own words, 'I am not done. I will not stop fighting until I can walk across the stage again.' And neither will we." They also included a link to donate as the cost of therapy has exceeded what insurance covers.

His famous friends took to the Instagram post to wish Sinbad the best. "My dude!!!!!" DL Hughley commented. "SENDING BIIIIIG LOVE AND BIG HUGS THANK YOU SINBAD," singer India Arie added.