Kevin Costner's Son Is Set To Make His Acting Debut

One of Kevin Costner's sons is ready to follow in his father's footsteps. As reported by Today, Kevin is a father to a total of seven children – three daughters and four sons. One of those children is Hayes Logan Costner, who the actor shares with wife Christine Baumgartner.

In a 2016 "Today" show interview, Kevin revealed that Hayes had displayed some impressive athletic skills while playing sports alongside older children. "We're at all the little league games, we're in that car constantly. We're trying to get the kids on the same team so we won't have to go to three practices," Kevin said. "So poor little Hayes, who's in the middle, is having to play with eight and nine year olds and he's six and he can hack it."

In a 2018 chat with Parade, Kevin explained that he and his family members don't ever discuss his professional life. "We really don't talk about my movies at all," Kevin said. "It's not really a part of our lives; it's [just] what I do." Although the "Dances with Wolves" star hasn't explored the topic of performing with his children, it seems as though acting is certainly in the Costner family genes.

Kevin Costner's son Hayes will act in his upcoming Western film, Horizon

Kevin Costner's teenage son is set to appear in one of his famous father's next films. Costner's son Hayes will be playing a part in the four-part Western movie "Horizon," which stars Costner. On November 23, 2022, Costner opened up to People about the film, which he also directed, elaborating on his son's natural talent for performing. "He's very good," Costner said. "Hayes plays the namesake character that I actually play in the movie. He's 13 years old and the screenplay's been around longer than that."

Costner also revealed that another reason he was happy to include Hayes in the project is that it allowed for some father-son bonding time. "I kind of did it on purpose, so he could be hanging out with me," Costner said. The role is a fitting one for Hayes, whose name is a nod to the old West. Before Hayes' birth, Costner revealed to AP Radio that his son was to be given the name after a "cowboy character" from one of his planned projects before calling the title "a great Western name," per Today

"Horizon" — which, as of this writing, doesn't have a release date – will also feature stars like Sienna Miller, Luke Wilson and Jamie Campbell Bower.