Who Is Lewis Lupton From Below Deck Adventure?

"Below Deck" is Bravo's newest reality TV craze, so the network did what they do best: franchise the heck out of it! So far, Bravo has released "Below Deck Sailing Yacht," "Below Deck Mediterranean," and "Below Deck Down Under." The sailing show's newest iteration is "Below Beck Adventure," where a whole new crew ushers their charter on a wild escapade through the waters of Norway. The crew members also take their guests on excursions to go cave diving, zip-lining, and other heart-racing activities, per Entertainment Weekly. Hence, the "Adventure!"

The new crew consists of chef Jessica Condy, chief steward Faye Clarke, stewards Kasie Faddah and Oriana Schneps, and deckmen Kyle Dickard, Michael Gilman, and Nathan Morley. Captain Kerry Titheradge heads the "Below Deck Adventure" yacht named the Mercury.

One of the new — yet controversial — crew members is Mercury's bosun, Lewis Lupton. So, who is this seaman, and why has he caused such a firestorm?

Lewis Lupton is a true mariner

The charter on "Below Deck Adventure" would be nothing without the help from the head of the deckmen, bosun Lewis Lupton. According to Marine Insight, the job of the bosun is to report to the captain, supervise the crew on deck, and handle all deck responsibilities. A graduate of the United Kingdom Sailing Academy, Lupton has gained immense experience on the sea, per Bravo. On "Below Deck Adventure," he explained that he has worked in yachting for over five years. The seaman originates from Northern England, where he grew up living on a horse and animal rescue farm.

"Below Deck Adventure" Captain Kerry Titheradge certainly values Lupton and his hard work. "Oh, I'd take Lewis to sea any day. I was so happy to have him," the captain told Decider. "I'd offer him a job tomorrow. He's still young compared to me in the industry, but when I was starting off in his position, I was everyone's friend, which can cause problems. I saw a lot of myself in him."

It's this devil's advocate behavior that has gotten Lupton in trouble with the show's viewers.

Fans are coming for Lewis online

The premiere season of "Below Deck Adventure" is rife with drama, and Lewis Lupton ended up getting caught in the middle of it. One of the deck mates, Kyle Dickard, first got in trouble for being unprofessional after he flirted with steward Kasie Faddah in front of the charter guests. Dickard then threatened violence on his on-deck roommate Nathan Morley, which was the last straw for Captain Kerry Titheradge. After these incidents, the captain called for Dickard's resignation, and the deckman left the charter.

Throughout the drama, Lupton was in charge of both Dickard and Morley — and he even advocated for Dickard's promotion since he had the most experience. This certainly rubbed viewers the wrong way, and many have taken to social media to voice their opinions. "Hands down the worst bosun/leader," one user commented on Lupton's Instagram. "You heard a deckhand got [threatened] and immediately thought of yourself ... no compassion."

"Your management and attitude about Kyle's behavior towards Nathan was atrocious," another user wrote. "You blamed Nathan when Kyle was clearly the problem. His experience has nothing to do with anything, you need to prioritize proper behavior over someone's resume!!" Well, Captain Titheradge still has positive things to say about his bosun, so all is certainly not lost for Lupton.