Sarah Hyland Failed Her Pitch Perfect 2 Audition For This Bizarre Reason

It's no secret that Sarah Hyland is an incredible actor, but did you know she's also a talented singer? While "Modern Family" star focuses most of her time on acting, she occasionally dabbles in music-related projects to flaunt her impressive pipes. In 2016, she collaborated with the popular cover band Boyce Avenue to deliver stunning renditions of "Closer" by The Chainsmokers and "Don't Wanna Know" by Maroon 5. Both videos have since gone viral, with the former amassing over 120 million views on YouTube. 

In 2017, Hyland even revealed that she's been toying with the idea of releasing her own music. "My boyfriend got me a guitar because he's like, 'I love your music, and you should be able to write and compose your own music,'" she told ET at the time. "I thought that was really sweet, but I don't know... Maybe if I start getting bored? I'm not ruling it out!"

While it wouldn't be the first buzz-worthy career move from Hyland, the album has yet to come to fruition. As far as official projects go, the actor has participated in a few musicals over the years. According to Broadway World, she starred as Molly in the 1999 TV film "Annie," and portrayed Jacqueline Bouvier in a Broadway production of "Grey Gardens." Surprisingly, the actor once tried to join the cast of "Pitch Perfect," but fell short. Literally.

Sarah Hyland was deemed too short to join Pitch Perfect

Sarah Hyland could have joined "Pitch Perfect" had she been a few inches taller. Speaking with ET, the actor revealed that she auditioned for a role in the musical comedy but wasn't tall enough to make the cut. "I was just a little bit too short. That was the only reason that I heard," the actor, who stands five foot two, shared. This reasoning is quite ironic, considering how Anna Kendrick, who was part of the main cast, is the same height. As fate would have it, Hyland later joined a spinoff of the franchise, "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin," opposite Adam  Devine — who played her onscreen lover in "Modern Family." 

"Everything happens for a reason," Hyland explained. "We got to film in Berlin, and it was just the best time. I'm just happy to be part of the franchise. I've been friends with everyone from it for years." As for her own album? That may take a while, but she did note that she has a growing collection of self-written tracks. "You guys... I think I want to do an album....what say you?" she mused in a tweet. "I have 52 songs done/halfway done."