How Much Money Did Tori Spelling Inherit From Her Father Aaron Spelling?

Tori Spelling was just 16 years old when she landed the role of Donna Martin on the iconic teen drama "Beverly Hills, 90210." The show — which was produced by her father, Aaron Spelling — helped make Tori a household name. The actor had a tight-knit relationship with her father for much of her life. In 2020, Tori shared a super sweet tribute to him on his birthday. "My Dad, my teacher, my friend, and my HERO," she wrote alongside a throwback shot on Instagram. "I was my son Finn's age in this picture with my Dad. I was such a Daddy's girl and just adored this man beyond words." 

However, the family matriarch, Candy Spelling, once asserted that Tori and Aaron weren't very close in the years leading up to his death in 2006. "My daughter one day decided that she wasn't speaking to my husband, myself, and my son, and that's how it's continued for the last, oh gosh, four or five years," Candy shared to 94.7 WMAS-FM (via Today). "He just didn't want to live after that."  

According to Page Six, Aaron left the bulk of his $500 million fortune to his wife when he died. And while the legendary producer did hand his daughter, Tori, a tidy sum, his passing marked the beginning of her public financial struggles.

Tori Spelling inherited $800,000 from her father

Tori Spelling's father left her a relatively paltry $800,000 inheritance. While that amount of cash is nothing to scoff at, it's certainly a far cry from the $500 million Aaron Spelling was reportedly worth at the time of his death. "What if he'd given me $50 million, and what if that $50 million I had changed the world? Like, what if I am the fierce hustler and businesswoman I am today, but with that?" Tori mused during an appearance on "Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump." 

As for the reason that Aaron left his wife Candy Spelling all of his money, Aaron was apparently afraid that Tori would throw his hard-earned cash down the drain. "[Tori] would close a store and drop $50,000 to $60,000," Candy shared with the New York Times. "I never did anything like that. She just went crazy." 

Despite the long-time rift between Tori and her mom, the "90210" star admitted her cushy upbringing contributed to her financial woes later in life. "It's no mystery why I have money problems," Tori wrote in "Spelling It Like It Is" (via E! News). "I grew up rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams. I never knew anything else. Even when I try to embrace a simpler lifestyle, I can't seem to let go of my expensive tastes. Even when my tastes aren't fancy, they're still costly."

Tori Spelling and her mom are on better terms today

Following the death of Aaron Spelling, Tori Spelling and Candy Spelling participated in a years-long feud in the media. Over the years, the outspoken Spelling matriarch has publicly criticized her daughter's life choices. Candy openly disparaged her daughter in an open letter sent to TMZ, referring to Tori as a "middle-aged reality show star" and accusing her of using her family members as props. However, it appears Tori and Candy are on much better terms these days.

Recently, Tori took to Instagram to share some sweet snapshots of her, her mother, and her brother, Randy Spelling. "This was a special moment in time. I don't think the 3 of us { just the 3 of us} have gone out to dinner together in 20 years," shared Tori. "All to celebrate our mom! Happy Birthday @candyspelling !!!! @randyspelling and I love you so much! Such an iconic woman! Loved Mom and Grandma! Can't wait to keep celebrating your birthday with you!" 

The next day, Tori celebrated her mother on Instagram with a second photo. The "90210" alum is seen embracing the Spelling family matriarch alongside the caption: "Loved celebrating this goddess tonight. One thing I've learned recently... life is short. So, hold those near and dear to you as close as you can. I love you with all my heart Mommy. Happy Birthday @candyspelling."