The Reality TV Star Candace Cameron Bure's Son Lev Used To Date

It's no secret that celebrities like to date one another. Hollywood is full of famous faces who fell in love with other famous faces, and it turns out that attraction often stems to their kids too. Case and point? To name just a couple (pun intended), Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow and Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson's kids, Iris Apatow and Ryder Robinson, dated, while Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman's daughter Lily Collins (who, of course, is also a star in her own right appearing in "Emily In Paris") is engaged to Charlie McDowell, the son of Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell.

But they're hardly the only celebrity kids to strike up a romance. It turns out that former "Full House" and "Fuller House" star Candace Cameron Bure's son, Lev Bure, who she shares with husband Valeri Bure, has also dipped his toe in the kids with famous parents dating pool. In fact, Lev once enjoyed a young romance with a famous daughter who was also a reality TV star in her own right.

Lev Bure once dated Bella Robertson

For this one, we're throwing it back to 2018 when the world was still reeling from the end of A&E's notorious reality show, "Duck Dynasty." The show made celebrities out of the Robertson family, including Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson, Kay Robertson, Korie Robertson, and Jep Robertson, and also made TV stars out of their children. Well, Candace Cameron Bure's son, Lev Bure, was clearly a fan of the show, as he struck up a romance with none other than Willie and Korie's daughter and sister to Sadie Robertson, Bella Robertson.

The twosome confirmed their romance around February 2018 on Instagram with a since deleted photo, per Us Weekly, as Lev posted some very sweet and gushing snaps of his girl. "I know you've seen her before, but allow me to introduce to you the most amazing girl on the planet: beautiful, kindhearted, intelligent, graceful... just to get an idea," he captioned a shot of Bella. "She lights up a room with her radiant smile...and I love her with all of my heart," he added. Then, four months later, her shared a snap of her planting a kiss on his cheek. "Major heart eyes...what's new," he captioned the image, while Bella made her feelings very clear in return by posting three heart eye emoji in the comments.

Things were clearly pretty serious between the young love birds too, as Instagram photos that still remain show they headed to prom together!

What did Candace Cameron Bure think of Bella Robertson?

It looks like Bella Robertson got a big seal of approval from Lev Bure's mom, Candace Cameron Bure. The actor showed her love for her son's then girlfriend on Instagram on multiple occasions, including sharing a blended family photo in May 2018 that featured her and her husband, Valeri Bure, posing with the young lovers and Robertson's mom, Korie Robertson, before prom. Korie also approved of Lev and her potential new in-laws, sharing her own snaps from the event on Instagram while writing in the caption about her daughter, "You and @levvbure make us mama's proud. Y'all are too cute!... Thank you @candacecbure and #Val for hosting a fun night!"

But this one wasn't built to last. It's not clear exactly how long this young love lasted, but both have since very much moved on from their teenage romance. Candace confirmed her son, who was then 20 years old, had proposed to his girlfriend, Taylor Hutchison, in a since deleted Instagram post in August 2020 (via People). However, she then told Us Weekly the following April that the engagement had been called off, but both were doing okay. "It was a mutual decision, so nobody's upset and heartbroken," she shared. As for Robertson, she too became engaged in November 2020 to Jacob Mayo and the two married in June 2021, per People, when she was just 19 years old.