Kim Kardashian Completely Roasted Over Barren Home Photos

Following her split with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is moving on in a new Malibu home that cost a whopping $70 million, per New York Post. The four-bedroom, six-bathroom estate sits on over 7,450 square feet of land and includes a private beach and a tennis court. The stunning property with vast ocean views once belonged to Cindy Crawford and Kardashian's new neighbors include Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, and Cher, according to Forbes.

Kardashian will still keep her Hidden Hills home for her family and her new purchase was just a way to give her some space from West, per People. "Kanye's home is very close [to the Hidden Hills house] and this is another way for her to have her autonomy," a source told the publication. After their separation, West bought a house just across the street from their shared Hidden Hills house in order to be close to their children.

Now that Kardashian has her own pad, she incorporated her own design elements into it and she recently shared some pictures of her decor. However, the SKIMS founder's aesthetic left fans scratching their heads.

Fans compare Kim Kardashian's house to a tomb

Kim Kardashian gave her Instagram followers a glimpse into her new abode and the things that spark joy for her. In an Instagram carousel, she shared photos of her stark rooms devoid of color and with very minimal decor. One living space featured a white monochromatic color scheme with flat, white walls. Another picture showed a cold, marble chair. "The things at home that make me happy," she captioned.

"This is the most depressing house I have ever seen," one fan wrote. "This is all so terrifying and screams 1960s Berlin institutional ward," another replied. Twitter users also had much to say about Kardashian's decor. "I have never been more scared of anything than Kim Kardashian's house. Her bedroom looks like the inside of a mausoleum," a fan declared. "Why does Kim Kardashian's house look like a tomb with no pictures on the walls?" another asked.

Fans accused Kardashian of using her Instagram post as a method of distraction from her ties with Balenciaga amid their controversial campaign. "Distraction and aversion at its finest!" an Instagram user wrote. "Random pictures nothing's going to distract us this time Kim!" another stated. Many simply wrote, "#cancelbalenciaga." It looks as if Kardashian's Instagram post has only fueled more fire.