Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill's Marriage Is Officially Done For Good

Cynthia Bailey has taken another step toward finalizing her divorce from Mike Hill. The former "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star and the sports broadcaster first announced their split in October 2022 in a joint statement to Entertainment Tonight

"LOVE is a beautiful thing. While we both will always have love for one another, we have decided to go our separate ways. No one is to blame, and we are grateful that we remain good friends," they shared. While they didn't explain why they were parting ways, a source told the publication, "Cynthia and Mike have been having issues for a while and tried working on things but weren't able to come to a resolution. The two have been busy with work and it wasn't easy on their relationship."

Bailey later shared on the "Two T's in a Pod" podcast that her breakup with Hill had to do with the fact that they "weren't friends anymore." The reality star stated that her marriage with Hill wasn't her "first rodeo" and that she wanted to ultimately end up with her "best friend." Bailey went on to say that she doesn't regret her decision and seems to only be moving forward.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill reach a settlement

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are making a clean break between the two of them. The two exes have agreed to keep their respective assets, which include property and retirement accounts, per Page Six. They have also declined any alimony payments. The court documents were signed by Bailey on November 1, while Hill signed them on October 20.

According to Page Six, Bailey and Hill requested their court records to be sealed as they are "public figures" and want their privacy protected. "The parties assert that there are certain private matters concerning the dissolution of their marriage which may raise issues concerning both the moral character and embarrassing acts of one of the parties," the document reads. The request also stated that the private information could negatively impact the person in question's "reputation, image, and business dealings," as well as "significantly harm [them] mentally, psychologically, financially, and emotionally." As of this writing, their divorce is not yet finalized and their hearing is scheduled for January 5.

Although there were rumblings of Hill being unfaithful to Bailey, she insisted that wasn't the reason for their divorce. "There was no infidelity to my knowledge. Mike never had sex with another woman during our marriage," she told People in October 2022. As for what the "embarrassing acts" were, it seems likely that the public will never find out.