Who Is Diana Jenkins' Fiance, Asher Monroe?

Diana Jenkins took a lot of heat when she joined Season 12 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Though Jenkins didn't attend the "RHOBH" reunion in person, she still was included in a lot of the concluding drama. Facing off frenemy Garcelle Beauvais, Beauvais confronted Jenkins about her actions, believing that she hired bots to send hateful and racist messages to her son online. Despite their beef, Jenkins filed a lawsuit to help Beauvais' son and identify the individuals who administered the vicious attacks.

When she wasn't dueling it out with Beauvais or fighting with Sutton Stracke, Jenkins was often seen spending time with her fiance Asher Monroe and their daughter Eliyanah. According to Women's Health, their baby girl was born in 2020. A video on Jenkins' Instagram shows Monroe sweetly holding Eliyanah. Amongst all of the controversy regarding Jenkins' relationships, one dynamic remained consistent. Jenkins and Monroe appeared to be a couple of lovebirds who supported each other through thick and thin. So, what else is there to know about Jenkins' fiance, Monroe?

Asher Monroe is an accomplished actor and musician

Asher Monroe is a multi-talented artist. According to his IMDb page, the Virginia native is an actor, singer, writer, and director who launched his performing arts career as Chip in the first national Broadway tour of "Beauty and the Beast." Monroe was only six years old at the time! Since then, he's taken on notable on-screen roles, such as a major part in the 2009 "Fame" remake. He's also had appearances in popular television shows such as "Parenthood" and "Zoey 101."

Evidently, music is one of Monroe's greatest passions in life. According to Women's Health, he and his fiance Diana Jenkins founded an independent record label in 2012. The singer-songwriter has collaborated with high-profile talent such as Sean Kingston and Chris Brown, and fans can see Monroe singing and playing piano on his Instagram page.

In July 2022, Monroe released his album, "Windows Of Time." In a 2021 interview with Our Culture Magazine, he described the tracks, saying, "The themes presented themselves with the final written arrangements and inspired lyrical ideas I had in Croatia while writing them. I wanted stories to be told that could be turned into movies, that's why every song has a cinematic feel."

Asher Monroe has profound love for Diana Jenkins

While Asher Monroe and Diana Jenkins have kept details regarding their relationship timeline somewhat private, Monroe did reveal that they've known each other for quite a long time. On Valentine's Day in 2022, Monroe took to Instagram to express his love for his fiancee. He wrote, "I still can't believe this March will be 12 years since I first laid eyes on you. It feels like a flash from all the wild and crazy fun."

In 2021, Monroe talked to Pop Hearts TV about his career evolution, creative process, and people who've inspired him along the way. Of course, he mentioned Jenkins. He said, "Diana Jenkins has made a valuable impact on my career. She has stood by my side through thick and thin. Without her I would not be the man I am today." However, Jenkins didn't only have an effect on his musical path. He continued to gush about his fiancee, describing her remarkable qualities. Monroe shared, "I have always looked up to her in the way she runs her life. Being a role model, war survivor, philanthropist, mother, entrepreneur and so much more. It's hard to scratch the surface of the impact she has had on me forever."