Teresa Giudice Explains Wearing Balenciaga After Their Controversial Campaign

Teresa Giudice faced a lot of backlash for wearing Balenciaga in late November after their controversial campaign, per Page Six. In a now-deleted Instagram picture, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star was seen donning a white sweater with the Balenciaga logo all over it. As reported by the publication, fans were up in arms about Giudice seemingly supporting the brand amid the scandal. "@teresagiudice I love you but please do not endorse this brand. You'll see why, it's disturbing," a fan wrote. "Balenciaga...GREAT, another person to unfollow! You do realize there are normalizing child bondage, right? Are you ok with that? Shameful. UNFOLLOW!" another replied.

The backlash came on the heels of the fashion house publishing photos of children holding teddy bears in bondage gear for their latest campaign, per People. In another ad, court documents pertaining to child pornography laws were seen on a table. Following the disturbing campaign, the public has been demanding that celebrities stop endorsing the brand, and Giudice found herself unwittingly a target.

Teresa Giudice wasn't aware of the Balenciaga scandal

Two weeks after fans called her out for wearing Balenciaga, Teresa Giudice addressed her faux-pas in her podcast "Namaste B$tches." The housewife explained that she didn't know about the Balenciaga controversy because she was vacationing in Paris. "Usually when I go on vacation, I check out of social media completely, so I had no idea. So I brought a sweater that I totally forgot that I had from like last year, and never wore it. And I brought it because I heard it was chilly there in Paris."

Giudice went on to say that her husband, Luis Ruelas, posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing the Balenciaga sweater and soon received a host of negative feedback slamming her for supporting the brand. "He was reading the comments and he's like, 'Babe, something happened to Balenciaga,' and I'm like, 'Really? What?' So I had no idea and then I guess Luis looked more into it and he took it down. He didn't feel comfortable with it being up and I was fine with it." She then apologized on the podcast for wearing the label and chalked it up to being "checked out" from the rest of the world.

Since their campaign, Balenciaga has issued an apology, but many celebrities are still boycotting the brand, per Us Weekly. It remains to be seen if the fashion label will recover from its latest scandal.