Inside Cynthia Erivo's Rumored Relationship With Lena Waithe

Especially when it comes to matters of the heart, award-winning singer and actor Cynthia Erivo has always been extremely private about her personal life. However, it's no secret that she has been romantically involved with a few guys within her circle, namely actors Dean John-Wilson and Mario Martinez. According to Hollywood Life, she and John-Wilson began dating in 2013, but didn't make their romance public until 2016, when they stepped out for the red carpet premiere of West End's production of Disney's "Aladdin."

Then, in 2017, Erivo started going out with Martinez, whom she met the day after she won her first Tony (per Vogue), and while she was still with her ex-boyfriend John-Wilson. "He chased me," said Erivo of Martinez in her profile for Vanity Fair in 2019. Although their relationship also didn't seem to last, going by the now-deleted photos of Martinez on Erivo's Instagram account, per Bustle.

At one point, Erivo has also been romantically linked to "Chi" creator and "Master of None" star Lena Waithe. Speculations that the two were an item started swirling in 2020, when Waithe announced her split from her wife, movie executive Alana Mayo, after just two months of marriage. "After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways," the pair said in their joint statement, as reported by E! News. "We have nothing but support for one another and ask that you respect our privacy." But exactly how did the rumors linking Erivo and Waithe come about? 

Rumors say Lena Waithe cheated on her wife with Cynthia Erivo

When Lena Waithe parted ways from her wife Alana Mayo, rumors were rife that she was carrying on extramarital affairs with other women, most notably with "Harriet" actor Cynthia Erivo. In addition to being seen on red carpet events and awards shows together, a report from Bossip claimed that the two stars were romantically involved and are, in fact, already sharing a home together.

To recall, Waithe and Erivo first crossed paths at the Met Gala in May 2018, during which Erivo took to Instagram to give a special shoutout to her "sister." "I finally found my sis," she wrote. "Lena you are absolutely everything. You are perfection. What a meeting of minds, glad to have you in my life! Stuck like glue!!! SHINE QUEEN SHINE!!"

In 2020, just days before she and her wife would drop the bombshell that is their divorce, Waithe also talked about "vibing" with Erivo in an interview with Variety at the Palm Springs Film Festival. "I obviously watched her career grow so I was so excited to meet her at The Met," she said of Erivo. "We exchanged information, and we've just been vibing ever since."

Cynthia Erivo spotted holding hands with Lena Waithe

Fast forward two years later, Cynthia Erivo and Lena Waithe continue to get the rumor mill churning with their supposed romance. As recently as June this year, the Chicago native and British actor were spotted walking hand and hand moments before they graced the Alvin Ailey Spirit Gala at the Lincoln Center in New York City, per Page Six. In addition, the two also shared a sweet moment while being photographed at the BET Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, per Wonderwall

With the latest indication of their romance, many fans have flocked to Twitter to share their two cents on Erivo and Waithe's apparent coupling — and it's safe to say that the reactions were mixed. One Twitter user wrote: "Lena Waithe & Cynthia Erivo two toxic individuals, they're perfect for each other lol." Another said: "Cynthia Erivo and Lena waithe?? Are we being punished???" Meanwhile, a third commenter wrote: "i love lena waithe and cynthia erivo actually."

As for Waithe's ex-wife Alana Mayo, the president of Orion Pictures has also remained mum about their split and stayed largely away from the public eye. She continues, however, to be seen in red-carpet events in Hollywood, most recently at the Oscars, where she appears to have brought a date, per Instagram. Based on a previous report by Entertainment Tonight, she and Waithe have since finalized their divorce and, as such, were declared legally single in May 2021.