Leah Remini Reacts To Kirstie Alley's Death After Years-Long Feud

Leah Remini has discussed the death of Kirstie Alley in a new interview, which comes after a history of public conflict between the two. Their feud began after Remini exited the Church of Scientology back in 2013. At the time, Remini opened up about leaving the church on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." When DeGeneres asked how the "King of Queens" star was doing following this decision, Remini stated, "It's hard, and we've lost friends that can no longer talk to us who are still in the organization ... And these are friends that we've had for dozens of years."

In response, Alley, who had been a dedicated Scientologist since the late '70s, spoke against Remini's claims. "I have hundreds of friends who have entered and left Scientology. You're not shunned or chased. It's bulls***," Alley said in a 2013 "Howard Stern Show" interview. Remini later commented on Alley's remarks when she sat down with Stern in 2015 (via People). " ... I know the policy. I understand that hiding behind, you know, religious bigotry is the route to go," Remini said. The celebs continued to clash through early 2022, as Remini condemned Alley for comments she'd made about Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Twitter. Alley's children, True and Lillie Parker, announced via Instagram on December 6 that Alley had died following a brief cancer battle. Remini is now commenting on the passing of the "Cheers" star.

Leah Remini calls Kirstie Alley's death 'very sad'

Leah Remini is opening up about the death of her previous foe, Kirstie Alley. "The news of Kirstie Alley's passing is very sad," Remini said in a Rolling Stone interview. She later added, "Although Scientologists don't believe in prayers, my prayers do go out to her two children, who are now without their mom." Remini then added that she "hope[s] [Alley's kids] can, one day, free themselves of this dangerous and toxic organization."

When Alley's children, True and Lillie Parker, announced their mother's passing on December 6, they expressed their thanks to the medical professionals of the Moffitt Cancer Center for caring for Alley. Remini, however, went on to explain that the "the majority" of the Church of Scientology members are "brainwashed" to believe that "they can cure themselves of diseases like cancer." This results in them "not seek[ing] treatment until it's too late," she added. Remini continues to be vocal against the church's policies, which she discussed as recently as November 2022 while addressing the trial of actor Danny Masterson on Instagram. Meanwhile, several celebrities like John Travolta, Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Adam Sandler, and Denise Richards have posted social media tributes honoring Alley in light of her passing, per ET.