Lindsie Chrisley Voices Her Family's Plans For Niece Chloe Amid Custody Drama

Chloe Chrisley's grandparents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, began doting on the little girl for the benefit of their reality show when she was just a baby. Fans of "Chrisley Knows Best" learned that Chloe had been placed in the couple's care because her own parents — Todd's oldest son Kyle Chrisley and Kyle's ex, Angela Johnson — were unable to care for her.

On the "Chrisley Confessions" podcast, Kyle revealed that his mental health issues and struggles with addiction caused him to lose custody of his daughter. Johnson initially shared custody of Chloe with Todd and Julie, according to a 2014 Life & Style report. However, two years later, Radar Online reported that the Chrisleys had been awarded full custody of their granddaughter. The outlet obtained a warrant showing that Johnson had been arrested for falsely claiming that Chloe resided with her in a Medicaid assistance application. 

Todd and Julie later found themselves in serious legal trouble of their own. After being found guilty of bank fraud and other financial crimes, the couple was slapped with respective prison sentences of seven and 12 years. On her "Unlocked" podcast, the couple's daughter, Savannah Chrisley, revealed that she would have custody of Chloe while her parents were in jail, but Johnson told TMZ that she was fighting to get her biological daughter back. Now, another member of the Chrisley clan, Lindsie Chrisley, is sharing her thoughts on Chloe's future.

Lindsie Chrisley believes that Chloe Chrisley belongs where she is

On an episode of her "Coffee Convos" podcast, Todd Chrisley's oldest daughter, Lindsie Chrisley, took issue with Angela Johnson tearfully sharing in a video obtained by TMZ, "I want her home," when discussing her plans to regain custody of Chloe Chrisley. Lindsie stated, "Chloe is home. I want to make that very clear. Chloe has been with my parents roughly since she was six months old." In a 2018 interview with The Tennessean, Todd revealed that Johnson initially reached out to him for help with her daughter because she was broke and had nowhere to stay. He and his wife Julie Chrisley agreed to start taking Chloe on the weekends, but they soon found themselves caring for their granddaughter for longer stretches of time.

Todd and Julie's former family law attorney, Jessica Doyle, told People that the couple legally adopted Chloe in 2017, which Johnson signed off on. However, Lindsie doesn't just think that Chloe should remain with the Chrisleys because Todd and Julie are her legal parents. She pointed out that the rest of the family has already rallied to become a support system for the little girl. Savannah Chrisley's grandparents are helping her adjust to her new parental role, hopefully allowing Chloe to thrive in her new normal. "I think to remove [Chloe] from a situation and where she is now ... would be so many transitions for her that she would not be able to cope," Lindsie said.