One Tree Hill Star Bevin Prince Details Her Husband's Tragic Death Like Never Before

Bevin Prince has opened up about the tragic moments before her husband's untimely death. If you watched the hit teen drama "One Tree Hill," then chances are you've heard of Prince. Over the last few years, the "Power" star has led a relatively low-key life after stepping away from the acting world and pursuing a career in fitness. However on July 3, Prince and her husband, William Friend, made headlines after the latter was tragically killed from a lightning strike. According to a report from WECT News 6, the horrific incident occurred while he was on a boat close to Masonboro Island. After 20 minutes of medical professionals trying to revive him, Friend was pronounced dead in an ambulance.

Shortly after his death made headlines, an array of his family and friends uploaded tributes to social media, including one from "You Again" star and Prince's best friend, Odette Annable. "You were perfect for [Prince] in every way. You supported her dreams, you made her feel seen, you adored her with every bit of your soul, and I will forever be grateful to witness that kind of love," she wrote on Instagram. Since that tragic day, Prince has remained relatively quiet about the details of her husband's death until now.

Bevin Prince says her husband's death is 'larger than' her

After months of silence, Bevin Prince opened up about her husband, William Friend, and his shocking death in an interview with "Good Morning America." When reflecting on the tragic day, Prince said that they were enjoying their summer weekend with her family amidst "60 some boats" before a storm showed up. "We look up, and we can see the storm in a distance, but we've been there so many times, and there was no urgency for anyone to get off the water," she explained.

Prince then opened up about her husband's ominous final words which ironically had to do with lightning. "Right before it hit him, he lit a cigar, and he looked at my father and he said, 'If we get struck by lightning, Mike, this is where I want to be,' and then it happened," she said. After suffering his fatal injury, an on site army veteran and nurse attempted to revive him but to no avail. Towards the end of her interview, Prince said the incident was "larger than [her]." "Knowing that all the resources were there to potentially save him, I have to believe that something bigger, beyond me, was calling him," she explained.

Fortunately, Prince has tapped into her late husband's optimism and passion for life by continuing their joint fitness venture, Recess by Bevin Prince. The company has also created a memorial fund for the beloved figure — which has raised over $95,000 so far.